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  1. ST Modular RADIO: An Analog FM Radio Module with Automatic Channel-Search and CV Control

    The ST Modular RADIO is an FM radio module for Eurorack that features automatic channel search and CV control. Supporting a frequency band of 83.5-114 MHz with automatic noise suppression, the module allows for quick channel changes via trigger/gate inputs or manual buttons. The RST function resets the search to the lowest frequency, and the module also includes two volume buttons and active gain stage adjustable via trimmer. Overall, the ST Modular RADIO is a never-ending sound source and a great addition to any Eurorack setup.

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  2. Mute Signals with Ease Using the Eurorack SIGNAL SWITCH Module: A Review

    Looking for an easy and discreet mute solution for your Eurorack setup? Look no further than the SIGNAL SWITCH module by ph modular. This MUTE module consists of eight identical stages, each with an illuminated push button for muting incoming signals. The use of vactrols helps to avoid clicks and adds a fading effect when muting the signal. The module also includes an internal routing feature and a jumper on the back to split the module into two independent floors. The SIGNAL SWITCH module is available as an assembled module and can be shipped worldwide.

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  3. Intuitive Control and Haptic Feedback: Exploring the DROID M4 Motor Fader Unit for Eurorack Modules

    The DROID M4 Motor Fader Unit for Eurorack Modules offers intuitive control and haptic feedback, making it a unique and useful addition to any setup. With four motorized faders, touch buttons, and LEDs, the module can control parameters in DROID patches such as steps of a sequence, volumes of mixer channels, presets for CV values, and more. The haptic feedback feature allows users to feel artificial notches created by the motor, making it easier to select discrete values for various settings. The M4 unit comes with four big power tanks (Super Caps) that provide full power when needed, making it an energy-efficient option for motor faders.

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  4. Exploring the Benefits of the Video Mult Eurorack Module for Perfect Signal Distribution

    The article 'Exploring the Benefits of the Video Mult Eurorack Module for Perfect Signal Distribution' discusses the advantages of using the Video Mult Eurorack module for signal distribution in modular synthesizers. This module is a dual-channel buffered multiple with three outputs per channel that provides unity gain buffering to ensure each of the output sockets tracks the input correctly, no matter how many modules it's connected to and what load is put on it. The article explains how using a splitter cable or a passive multiple module can sometimes result in a loaded down signal or glitches, and how the Video Mult module solves those problems. Additionally, the module can be used as a six-output multiple by leaving the bottom input socket unconnected.

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  5. Exploring the Advantages of Buffered Multiples with the Black Noise Dual Multi Eurorack Module

    This article explores the benefits of using buffered multiples in eurorack systems, specifically with the Black Noise Dual Multi Eurorack module. The module can be configured as either a 1:6 input-output or a 2:3 input-output configuration, and provides a perfect copy of any voltage-critical signals passing through it, eliminating issues with pitch variation. The module also provides isolation for its outputs, preventing any faults or shorts from passing through to connected modules. Overall, the Black Noise Dual Multi provides a reliable and flexible signal distribution solution for any eurorack system.

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  6. Exploring Expressive Control with the Compact Joystick Eurorack Module: A Review of Transient Modules 7J

    The Transient Modules 7J is a compact joystick controller module that offers expressive control for performances and recordings. This module can work as an attenuator or attenuverter with selectable unipolar or bipolar mode switches. The inputs have dedicated attenuators, and both X and Y outputs are equipped with continuously variable offset control for adjusting voltage ranges independently. The joystick is without an auto-return to centre spring, perfect for hands-on expression and playful interaction. Additionally, the 7J has a manual gate generator onboard. All these features make the 7J an excellent choice for those looking to add expressive control to their modular setup.

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  7. Expanding the Possibilities: A Review of the ALM Busy Circuits ALM022 EXP1 AXON-1 CV Expander for Squid Salmple & MFX

    The ALM Busy Circuits ALM022 EXP1 AXON-1 CV Expander for Squid Salmple & MFX is a 4HP module that expands the capabilities of the Squid Salmple and MFX by providing four additional CV inputs with digital attenuation and offset. This allows for greater flexibility in modulation assignments, greatly increasing the possibilities for modular sampler or FX program manipulation. The AXON-1 is powered directly from the Squid with no additional power header required and is skiff-friendly. All assignments and settings are saved with banks, making it a convenient and powerful addition to any modular setup. It should be noted that for use with the Squid Salmple, firmware 166 or later must be installed for the AXON-1 to function properly.

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