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  1. Tribute to the Iconic KORG MS-20 Filter: A Review of Black-Noise Sallen Key Eurorack Module.

    The Black-Noise Sallen Key Eurorack Module is a tribute to the iconic KORG MS-20 filter and is composed of a 2 Poles Low Pass and a 1 Pole High Pass. The filter is unique due to its non-linear feedback path and the integration of LEDs instead of diodes. The Sallen Key can be used as a sound source as it can self-oscillate and tracking is accurate across 6 octaves. Overall, the module has been designed to honor the MS-20 filter while also adding new and unique features to it.

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  2. Exploring the Advantages of Buffered Multiples with the Black Noise Dual Multi Eurorack Module

    This article explores the benefits of using buffered multiples in eurorack systems, specifically with the Black Noise Dual Multi Eurorack module. The module can be configured as either a 1:6 input-output or a 2:3 input-output configuration, and provides a perfect copy of any voltage-critical signals passing through it, eliminating issues with pitch variation. The module also provides isolation for its outputs, preventing any faults or shorts from passing through to connected modules. Overall, the Black Noise Dual Multi provides a reliable and flexible signal distribution solution for any eurorack system.

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