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  1. Voltage Odyssey: Lorelei, Mochika X5, DROID M4, Leaves Expander, Switched Mult 1U

    "Voltage Odyssey" takes you on a sonic journey through a combination of five powerful Eurorack modules. The Expert Sleepers Lorelei VCO offers a rich palette of waveforms and modulation options. Paired with the Atomosynth Mochika X5 semi-modular synthesizer, intricate sequences and lush textures come to life. The DROID M4 motor fader unit introduces tactile control with motorized faders, adding a unique interactive element to your Eurorack setup. Mystic Circuits' Leaves Expander expands voltage sequencing capabilities, enabling complex and evolving patterns. Completing the ensemble, the Intellijel Switched Mult 1U provides flexible signal routing options, enhancing connectivity within your modular system. Embark on a voltage-fueled adventure with these cutting-edge modules and unlock endless creative possibilities.

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  2. Intuitive Control and Haptic Feedback: Exploring the DROID M4 Motor Fader Unit for Eurorack Modules

    The DROID M4 Motor Fader Unit for Eurorack Modules offers intuitive control and haptic feedback, making it a unique and useful addition to any setup. With four motorized faders, touch buttons, and LEDs, the module can control parameters in DROID patches such as steps of a sequence, volumes of mixer channels, presets for CV values, and more. The haptic feedback feature allows users to feel artificial notches created by the motor, making it easier to select discrete values for various settings. The M4 unit comes with four big power tanks (Super Caps) that provide full power when needed, making it an energy-efficient option for motor faders.

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