Discover the Unique Sounds of the Bastl Instruments SoftPop SP2: A Semi-Modular Synth with Integrated Quantizer and Sequencer

The Bastl Instruments SoftPop SP2 is a semi-modular synthesizer that has made a huge impact on the eurorack community. Its unique design with an integrated quantizer and sequencer distinguishes the SoftPop SP2 from other modular synths. This synth is a rework of the original 2017 CASPERxBASTL Softpop and has been in development for the past three years.

The SoftPop SP2 is a subtractive synth that operates under the influence of unconventional digital control. It is a rare breed that has the ability to perform equally well in creating both melody and noise. It can produce sound ranging from bassline bangers, angelic chord progressions, distorted beats, and even water droplets.

One of the standout features of the SoftPop SP2 is its patchbay, which is eurorack compatible. The patchbay enables the user to customize the signal flow to achieve their desired sound. Moreover, the SoftPop SP2 has the additional capability of processing inbound audio through the filter and VCA, making it more versatile.

The SoftPop SP2 comes with a 16-pin eurorack power header that requires 5 volts in the bus-board. Adaptors for mounting to eurorack rails are available as open-source files. The incorporation of the quantizer and sequencer provides more precision in producing melody, while the subtractive synthesis approach creates a wide range of soundscapes that are equally useful in both studio and live performances.

In conclusion, the Bastl Instruments SoftPop SP2 is a unique semi-modular synth that has revolutionized the eurorack community. Its diverse range of sounds, eurorack compatibility, and integrated quantizer and sequencer make it an instrument worth investing in.

Example Usage

A novice-level usage example for the Bastl Instruments SoftPop SP2 could be creating a simple melody using the integrated sequencer. Connect the SoftPop SP2 to a MIDI controller or use its built-in touch keyboard to play a few notes. Then, use the sequencer to play back the melody in a loop. Experiment with the different sound shaping controls like the filter and LFO to add some variation to the melody. With just a few simple steps, even a novice can create unique and interesting sounds with the SoftPop SP2.

Creating a unique sequence using the SoftPop SP2's internal sequencer and quantizer is a breeze. First, patch the output of the sequencer to the VCO and adjust the pitch and gate settings as desired. Next, patch the quantizer output to the VCF and adjust the cutoff and resonance to shape the sound. Finally, patch the output of the VCF to the VCA and adjust the envelope settings to add some movement to the sequence. With just a few cable connections, the SoftPop SP2 can produce complex and interesting melodic patterns that are easy to manipulate on the fly.

Further Thoughts

The SoftPop SP2's integrated quantizer and sequencer make it an exceptional choice for live performances, allowing for complex chords and melodies to be easily created and manipulated on the fly. By patching the quantizer output into the sequencer's input, the SoftPop SP2 can generate unique melodic sequences based on incoming audio, turning any external sound source into a creative inspiration for live improvisation. Additionally, the intuitive design of the SoftPop SP2's sequencer makes it easy to create intricate and evolving rhythms that add an extra layer of complexity to any performance.