Modular Madness: Bongo Fury meets Snow with Hypnotic Effects & QU Phasing

In this Eurorack Builds article, we explore the fusion of the Nonlinear Circuits Bongo Fury drum module, Reverse Landfill Snow analog video noise source, Dreadbox Hypnosis analog effects processor, and Djupviks Elektronik DE-11 "The QU" phaser module. By combining these modules, you can create a modular madness of hypnotic effects, phasing, chaotic textures, and 80s nostalgia. With features like twin-T driven oscillators, filtered outputs, BBD Chorus-Flanger circuit, real spring reverb, and sound mangling inspired by Turkish sci-fi, the possibilities for sonic exploration are endless. Additionally, the Allen Synthesis EuroPi reprogrammable controller offers a customizable interface to control and manipulate these modules, allowing for a truly unique and personalized modular music experience.

Example Usage


Imagine you have the Bongo Fury module triggering the Snow module to create a rhythmic snowstorm effect. Patch the Bongo Fury trigger output into the Snow comparator input to modulate the chaos level with each drum hit. Use the Hypnosis module to add a dreamy chorus to the snowy beats, while tweaking the QU phaser from Djupviks Elektronik to warp the sound into an otherworldly blizzard of sound. This simple setup will turn your modular system into a swirling vortex of hypnotic rhythms and textural snowscapes.


In this advanced patch, we will integrate the rhythmic prowess of the Nonlinear Circuits Bongo Fury with the chaotic textures of the Reverse Landfill Snow and the ethereal modulation from the DE-11 The QU phaser, all sculpted by the analog warmth of the Dreadbox Hypnosis.

  1. Nonlinear Circuits Bongo Fury: Utilize the Bongo Fury as the rhythmic backbone of the patch, sending trigger signals to each section while modulating the CV inputs for evolving rhythms. Explore self-oscillation to create rubbery bass tones that will add a dynamic groove to the composition.
  2. Reverse Landfill Snow: Introduce the Snow's analog video noise as a textural element, patching its outputs to modulate various parameters of the Bongo Fury and Hypnosis. Experiment with the comparator function to inject bursts of chaotic textures, turning starfields into blizzards within the sonic landscape.
  3. DE-11 The QU: Incorporate the QU phaser to add movement and depth to the sound. Connect the clean output to one channel of the Dreadbox Hypnosis for pristine modulation, while routing the distorted output to the other channel for a more aggressive twist. Experiment with CV modulation on the QU to push the boundaries of traditional phasing effects.
  4. Dreadbox Hypnosis: Finally, route the output of the entire patch through the Hypnosis for analog warmth and character. Engage the BBD Chorus-Flanger circuit to add depth, the Hybrid Delay for spacious echoes, and the Real Spring Reverb for immersive ambience. Use the LFOs to animate the effects, creating a dynamic soundscape that evolves over time.

By combining the rhythmic drive of the Bongo Fury, the textural chaos of the Snow, the ethereal modulation of the QU phaser, and the analog warmth of the Hypnosis, you can create a modular masterpiece that transcends conventional sound design. Experiment with different patch configurations and parameter adjustments to unlock a world of sonic possibilities in your Eurorack system.

Further Thoughts

Incorporate the Bongo Fury module by Nonlinearcircuits to lay down a complex rhythmic foundation, interweaving its unique rubbery bass-y sounds with the unpredictable analog video noise textures generated by the Snow module from Reverse Landfill. Then, introduce a touch of 80s nostalgia using the multi-effect unit Dreadbox Hypnosis to transform the sonic landscape further. Finally, modulate the entire sonic tapestry with the QU module from Djupviks Elektronik, adding swirling phaser effects and sound manipulation inspired by Turkish sci-fi writer CM Kosemen. The EuroPi module from Allen Synthesis can serve as the brain of this setup, allowing for dynamic CV control and reprogrammable functionality to tie everything together in a mesmerizing and hypnotic audiovisual experience.