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  1. Modular Madness: Bongo Fury meets Snow with Hypnotic Effects & QU Phasing

    In this Eurorack Builds article, we explore the fusion of the Nonlinear Circuits Bongo Fury drum module, Reverse Landfill Snow analog video noise source, Dreadbox Hypnosis analog effects processor, and Djupviks Elektronik DE-11 "The QU" phaser module. By combining these modules, you can create a modular madness of hypnotic effects, phasing, chaotic textures, and 80s nostalgia. With features like twin-T driven oscillators, filtered outputs, BBD Chorus-Flanger circuit, real spring reverb, and sound mangling inspired by Turkish sci-fi, the possibilities for sonic exploration are endless. Additionally, the Allen Synthesis EuroPi reprogrammable controller offers a customizable interface to control and manipulate these modules, allowing for a truly unique and personalized modular music experience.

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  2. Unleash the Power of 80s Nostalgia with the Dreadbox Hypnosis: An Analog Effects Processor with 3 Effects

    Unleash 80s nostalgia with the Dreadbox Hypnosis: an analog effects processor with warm BBD chorus-flanger, hybrid delay, real spring reverb, wide range LFOs, and 11 patch points.

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