Revolutionize Your Video Manipulation with the RGB Matrix Combo Panel Eurorack Module

The RGB Matrix Combo Panel Eurorack Module is a powerful addition to any video manipulation setup. This innovative module offers a three-channel matrix mixer that allows for full-color RGB mixing, pattern/colorizing video sources, as well as complex compositing and effects. The A/B bus and crossfading keyer functionality of this module provides a full range of video processing and manipulation options that are impossible to achieve through a combination of separate modules.

The RGB Matrix Combo Panel is expandable with additional input and direct in modules via ribbon cables on the rear of each PCB. Each input module has independent level controls for mixing input into the Red, Green, and Blue outputs. The level controls allow for adjustment from zero to 2x scaling, allowing for attenuation or boosting of input as required. There are also invert/mute switches for each output, allowing for colour subtraction and negative video effects.

The output module provides access to mixed A and B bus RGB signals, while the keyer module allows for full cross-fade/keying/layering functionality with adjustable sharpness and threshold. The cross-fade key can be generated automatically from A or B bus image brightness (luma), or via an external CV source. Panel controls allow for sharpness and threshold adjustment of the cross-fade point, to allow for soft or hard keying effects.

The RGB Matrix Combo Panel is a must-have for those looking to take their video manipulation to the next level. Its expandable input and direct in modules, color mixing and patternizing, video compositing and effects capabilities make it a versatile and powerful addition to any visual artist's toolkit. Its full-color RGB mixing capabilities, cross-fading keyer functionality, and A/B bus allow for virtually limitless combinations that are both visually stunning and imaginative. Get the RGB Matrix Combo Panel Eurorack Module and revolutionize your video manipulation setup today.

Example Usage

If you are new to using the RGB Matrix Combo Panel Eurorack Module for video manipulation, a simple way to get started is to plug a video-rate signal into one of the Input module sockets, adjust the level controls for the Red, Green, and Blue outputs to create the desired mix of colors, and then route it to either the A or B output bus. From there, you can experiment with cross-fading and keying effects using the Keyer module, adjusting the sharpness and threshold for a variety of unique and visually striking effects. With the RGB Matrix Combo Panel, the possibilities for video manipulation are endless!

An intermediate-level usage example for the RGB Matrix Combo Panel Eurorack module in video processing/manipulation would be to use it to create a custom video art installation. By connecting multiple sources, such as a video camera, oscillators, and LFOs, to the input modules, you can mix and colorize the images in real-time using the level controls. Then, by using the A/B bus and crossfading keyer, you can layer and composite the different sources to create a unique and dynamic visual display. The customizability and expandability of the module allow for endless creative possibilities in video manipulation and can completely revolutionize the way you approach videography and video art.

Further Thoughts

One unique use case for the RGB Matrix Combo Panel Eurorack module is in the creation of glitch art. By sending various glitched video patterns or CV signals through the Input modules and manipulating the level controls, users can create intricate and colorful glitched visuals that can be routed to the A and B output buses and layered or crossfaded using the Keyer module. With the right threshold and sharpness adjustments on the cross-fade point, users can achieve glitchy text overlays or even create glitchy animations. The RGB Matrix Combo Panel module provides a powerful tool for manipulating video signals and pushing the boundaries of visual art.