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  1. Matrix Mixer Magic: Sculpting Sonic Landscapes with Kairos, ASQ-1, ADVA-3U

    In this article, we delve into the world of eurorack modules to explore the enchanting possibilities of combining the "Matrix Mixer Magic" trio: Kairos, ASQ-1, and ADVA-3U. We start by introducing the versatile Sound Scaper by Error Instruments for crafting intricate soundscapes. Moving on to Magerit's Kairos, a master controller designed to shape waveforms, generate diverse sequences, and provide an immersive user experience with its circular full-color screen. The ASQ-1 by ALM Busy Circuits adds a fun and immediate sequencing experience with multiple modes for CV/Gate and trigger patterns, making it ideal for live performances and creative experimentation. Lastly, Plum Audio's ADVA-3U steals the show with its smart multimode filter packed with unique features, including a VCA, distortion circuits, and a phase keeper to maintain signal integrity across various filter modes. To tie everything together, the AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer by AI Synthesis serves as the central hub for routing audio and CV signals, offering endless possibilities for signal routing and effects processing. Explore the matrix mixer magic and sculpt sonic landscapes beyond imagination with this powerful combination of eurorack modules.

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  2. ADVA 3U: Unleash the Versatility of a Smart Multimode Filter

    The ADVA 3U is a versatile Eurorack module with a fat-sounding analog multimode filter, 7 filter modes, phase keeper, self-oscillation, and two distortion circuits, all in a compact package. It also features a smart interface with CV modulation options and a visual feedback RGB LED ring.

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  3. ADVA 3U: The Versatile Beast of Analog Multimode Filters

    ADVA 3U is a versatile analog multimode filter that includes a VCA, white noise generator, pre and post-distortions, and a smart interface. With 7 filter modes, it provides a wide variety of tones from gentle filtering to hot acid tones. It never inverts the input's phase and offers self-oscillation for all modes. ADVA can be used as an oscillator or sound generator, and features a resonance loudness compensation circuit. The internal white noise generator adds richness to the sound, and two separate distortion circuits provide soft-clipping overdrive and aggressive post-distortion. The smart routing system allows for CV modulation of filter modes, and the interface includes intuitive click knobs and an RGB LED ring for visual feedback.

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