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  1. Colorful Combinations: RGB Matrix, Filter Coupler, MMF-2, ModBase-09, and MOVE

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining the RGB Matrix, Filter Coupler, MMF-2, ModBase-09, and MOVE eurorack modules. The RGB Matrix is a versatile three-channel matrix mixer for video, allowing for complex color manipulation and image compositing. The Filter Coupler adds bandpass and band reject filter functionality to the Black HP VCF and Black LP VCF modules, enhancing sound design possibilities. The MMF-2 is a stereo multi-mode filter that offers a variety of modifications and reshaping of sound material. The ModBase-09 is a powerful bass drum module with various parameters to shape the attack, decay, harmonics, and more. Finally, the MOVE module is a motion-detecting module that can trigger switches based on movement, offering unique control possibilities. By combining these modules, musicians and sound designers can create vibrant and dynamic eurorack setups.

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  2. Revolutionize Your Video Manipulation with the RGB Matrix Combo Panel Eurorack Module

    The RGB Matrix Combo Panel is a powerful Eurorack module for video processing and manipulation that combines a three-channel matrix mixer with crossfading keyer functionality. It allows for full-color RGB mixing and pattern/colorizing video sources, as well as complex compositing and effects. The module is expandable with additional input and direct in modules via ribbon cables on the rear of each PCB. Each input module has independent level controls for mixing input into the Red, Green, and Blue outputs and can be attenuated or boosted from zero to 2x scaling. The output module provides access to mixed A and B bus RGB signals, and the keyer module allows for full cross-fade/keying/layering functionality with adjustable sharpness and threshold. The RGB Matrix Combo Panel is a must-have for those looking to take their video manipulation to the next level.

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