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  1. Guru Gara Synth: Unleashing Creative Sidechain Techniques with Dual Side Chain VCA Module

    Discover the Guru Gara Synth Dual Side Chain VCA Module, a unique Eurorack module that mimics sidechain compression techniques, allowing for dynamic and creative sound manipulation. Control gain reduction using audio input or CV, adjust attack and decay, and customize the depth of gain reduction. With its dual unit design and handcrafted PCB front panel, this module delivers innovative modulation and envelopes for your eurorack setup. Perfect for artists seeking to unleash their creative sidechain techniques in electronic dance music and beyond.

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  2. Unlocking Sonic Brilliance: Exploring the Erica Synths Stereo Compressor's Dynamic Sidechain Capabilities

    Unlocking Sonic Brilliance: Explore the dynamic sidechain capabilities of the Erica Synths Stereo Compressor, enhancing drum sounds and tightening modular mixes with precision. Use the stereo sidechain to animate melodic layers and bring basslines to life. Features include a THAT-based stereo compressor, DC-coupled sidechain, adjustable gain, threshold, compression amount, stereo link, bypass switch, and an 8-segment output level VU meter. Elevate your live performances with this indispensable eurorack module.

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  3. Get That 'Sidechaining-Sound' with the ST Modular DUCK Eurorack Module: A Comprehensive Review

    The ST Modular DUCK Eurorack Module is a ducking module that reduces the audio signal level when a CV GATE signal is applied. It is perfect for resolving issues with overcrowded mixes or for achieving the coveted 'sidechaining-sound', without any signal compression. The module has four potentiometers that control the way the signal is 'ducked', including AMOUNT, HOLD, RISE, and FALL. It also features two LEDs that indicate the signal level and the level of signal reduction, and can be controlled via CV input. The module comes in three PCB boards and has wrong polarity protection.

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  4. Exploring the Twisted Brother of Compressors: Introducing the Cosmotronic Peradam Eurorack Module

    The Cosmotronic Peradam is a unique analog distortion module with an internal sidechain that creates complex self-distortion sounds in the main signal. The side-chain is modulated by itself to create a signal at twice the frequency of the original and then modulates the amplitude of the VCA. The module also has a dual-band drive circuit before entering a soft clipper output stage. It allows for a broad palette of distortions, from subtle saturation to massive clipping and complete destruction. The module comes with a +6dB gain switch on the input and a blend slider to dial in your tones. The Cosmotronic Peradam is available for pre-order at an MSRP of €270 and is estimated to ship in January 2022.

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