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  1. Get Creative with uPlaits: The Ultimate Eurorack Module for Versatile Sound Generation

    The article "Get Creative with uPlaits: The Ultimate Eurorack Module for Versatile Sound Generation" explores the uPlaits module, an 8hp variant of Mutable Plaits. The module boasts all the features of the original, in a smaller size, making it a versatile and creative sound generation tool for any Eurorack setup. With its rugged pcb panel and multicolor LEDs, the uPlaits is a must-have for any electronic music enthusiast looking to experiment with unique and dynamic sounds.

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  2. Exploring the Creative Possibilities with Steady State Fate Vortices HiFi Eurorack Mixer Module

    The Steady State Fate Vortices HiFi Eurorack Mixer Module is an excellent device that provides a wide range of audio mixing options. With 14 inputs and 7 outputs, the module provides separate mix outputs for mono and stereo sources, as well as a Master Mix split stereo output and a Master stereo jack output. Its inputs are DC-coupled, which makes it possible to use as a full spectrum control voltage mixer and it has a headroom of approximately 20Vpp. The module also accommodates auxiliary inputs, providing additional unity gain inputs to the mono and stereo mixers for summing external mixes or fx returns. This limited release version of the original Vortices offers the same mixing topology without the tape compression, overdrive and high frequency roll-off, making it a great option for general sound processing, panning, and crossfading applications.

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  3. AD110: The Ultimate Analog Drum Machine in a 16HP Eurorack Module

    The AD110 is a compact 16HP Eurorack module that packs the power of a vintage Japanese drum machine with its 6-voice analog drum module. It features a faithful recreation of all 6 DR110 voices in Eurorack signal format, with additional tone adjustments that allow for customization beyond standard DR110 settings. The module also includes individual outs and a mix out with accent input, and uses all through-hole parts without any rare components. Weston Precision Audio's AD110 is the ultimate analog drum machine for any music producer who desires both vintage and modern drum sounds in a single module.

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