AD110: The Ultimate Analog Drum Machine in a 16HP Eurorack Module

The AD110 from Weston Precision Audio is a game-changing 16HP Eurorack module that brings the vintage Japanese drum machine experience to the contemporary music producer's fingertips. The module features a 6-voice analog drum machine with a faithful recreation of all the six DR110 voices in Eurorack signal format. The voices produced by the AD110 include kick drum, snare drum, hand clap, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, and ride cymbal, all contained within a compact 16HP module.

One of the most exciting features of the AD110 is its additional tone adjustments that allow users to customize the sounds beyond the standard DR110 settings. These tone adjustments include kick pitch/resonance, snare pitch/decay, cymbal decay, and clap spread/reverb. This feature gives the AD110 a unique edge over its classic counterparts and enables it to create both vintage and modern drum sounds.

The AD110 comes with individual outs and a mix out with accent input, making it an ideal choice for both live and studio settings. The module uses all through-hole parts without any rare components, making it easy to assemble and maintain. The compact design of the AD110 also means it can fit into any Eurorack setup with ease.

In conclusion, Weston Precision Audio's AD110 is the ultimate Eurorack module for drum machine enthusiasts who desire both vintage and modern drum sounds in a single unit. Its faithful recreation of the classic DR110 sounds, additional tone adjustments, individual outs, and mix out with accent input all make it a versatile and indispensable tool for any music producer.

Example Usage

If you're new to using drum modules in your Eurorack, the AD110 is a great place to start. With its compact size and faithful recreation of classic DR110 drum sounds, you can easily add some vintage-inspired beats to your rig. Plus, with additional tone adjustments like pitch, resonance, and decay, you can customize each sound to your liking. And thanks to the individual outputs and accent input, you can create intricate drum patterns that really stand out in your mix. Give the AD110 a try and see for yourself how easy and fun it can be to integrate analog drums into your synth setup.

In this patch, we'll use the AD110 to create a classic drum machine pattern with a twist. Start by patching the individual outputs of the kick, snare, and hi-hat voices to a mixer. Then, use the additional tone adjustments to give the kick drum a longer decay and deeper pitch. Next, add some reverb to the clap voice and pan it to the left. Finally, use the ride cymbal in an unconventional way by patching it to a filter with a low pass cutoff. Modulate the cutoff with an envelope to create a sweeping effect over the pattern. Play with the accent input to add some variation and dynamics to the beat. With the AD110, there are endless possibilities for customizing your drum sounds and patterns.

Further Thoughts

The AD110 is the ultimate drum machine for producers who are looking for true-to-life analog sounds. The module features faithful recreations of all 6 DR110 voices in a compact 16HP Eurorack format. With additional tone adjustments for the kick, snare, cymbal, and clap, along with individual and mix outs with accent input, this module is a must-have for any electronic music enthusiast. Whether you're creating techno, house, or any other subgenre, the AD110 will give you the authentic analog drum sounds you need to make your tracks stand out.