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  1. Mixing it Up: The High-Quality 2x4/1x8 MixerXXM Eurorack Module by 'rides-in-the-storm'

    The High-Quality 2x4/1x8 MixerXXM Eurorack Module by rides-in-the-storm is a versatile and precise mixer suitable for audio and CV signals. It features two sections with single outs and a master out, with the A section being DC coupled and having reverse out and the B section being DC or AV via jumper. The mixer is powered by high-quality precision Audio Op Amps and occupies 8 HP of rack space with a depth of 25mm. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced electronic musician, the MixerXXM is a high-quality addition to your Eurorack setup.

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  2. Get Creative with CalSynth uBurst: A Compact and Powerful Mutable Instruments Micro Clouds Clone in Matte Black

    The article 'Get Creative with CalSynth uBurst: A Compact and Powerful Mutable Instruments Micro Clouds Clone in Matte Black' highlights the features of the Eurorack module CalSynth uBurst. This module is an 8hp Mutable Instruments Micro Clouds clone available in a sleek matte black color that is perfect for smaller racks. It has all the functions and sounds of the original Clouds granular module and is compatible with alternative firmware, including Parasites which is loaded by default. The article emphasizes the creative potential of this module, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful and compact granular synthesizer for their setups.

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  3. Exploring the Dynamic Sound Sculpting Capabilities of Kassutronics Wavefolder Eurorack Module

    The Kassutronics Wavefolder Eurorack module is a highly versatile tool for sound shaping and synthesis, featuring voltage-controlled wavefolding and a range of controls for symmetry and overdrive. With its integrated VCA and expansion points for extra CV inputs, this eight-hp module has the ability to create a rich range of timbres and textures that can be used in a variety of musical contexts. This article explores the unique dynamic sound sculpting capabilities of the Kassutronics Wavefolder module, highlighting its ability to produce complex and nuanced sounds that are ideal for electronic music production and performance.

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  4. Exploring the Depths of Soundscapes with the Error Instruments Sound Scaper Eurorack Module

    The Error Instruments Sound Scaper Eurorack module is a powerful tool for exploring the depths of soundscapes. With the ability to create different layers of harmony and find the sweet spot of deep sounds, this 8 HP module is a must-have for sound designers and tonal sculptors. Its built-in Harmonic LFO can be used as an FM drum or for other creative sonic pursuits. Overall, the Sound Scaper is a beautiful and versatile tool for any Eurorack setup. Check out the demo on the Error Instruments website to see it in action.

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  5. Beehive Eurorack Module: A Hands-On Review of the Plaits in 8hp by Mutable Instruments

    The Beehive Eurorack Module is an 8hp version of the popular Plaits by Mutable Instruments. The module features anodized aluminum knobs, steel shaft potentiometers, and center detent pots for attenuvertors. It has a beautiful black and gold FR4 panel with translucent windows for sub-panel illumination and comes with M3 Befaco Knurlies included. Hand-built by Gareth Luke, the module has a one-year warranty. It is a versatile and visually striking addition to any setup.

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