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  1. The Jomox ModBase 09 MK II: Crafting the Bass Drum of Your Dreams through Sound Sculpting and Modulation

    The Jomox ModBase 09 MK II is a versatile and powerful Eurorack drum module that offers a wide range of sound sculpting and modulation options for crafting the perfect bass drum. With features such as pitch envelope tuning, harmonics enrichment, pulse and noise shaping, EQ filtering, gate time control, and compression, the module allows for the creation of everything from slim and clicky kicks to deep and punchy 808-style bass drums. Other advanced features include metalized noise, CV and LFO modulation, MIDI control, and a programmable audio bus envelope. Whether you're a seasoned electronic music producer or just starting out, the ModBase 09 MK II is a must-have addition to any Eurorack setup.

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  2. Exploring the Dynamic Sound Sculpting Capabilities of Kassutronics Wavefolder Eurorack Module

    The Kassutronics Wavefolder Eurorack module is a highly versatile tool for sound shaping and synthesis, featuring voltage-controlled wavefolding and a range of controls for symmetry and overdrive. With its integrated VCA and expansion points for extra CV inputs, this eight-hp module has the ability to create a rich range of timbres and textures that can be used in a variety of musical contexts. This article explores the unique dynamic sound sculpting capabilities of the Kassutronics Wavefolder module, highlighting its ability to produce complex and nuanced sounds that are ideal for electronic music production and performance.

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  3. Exploring the Creative Possibilities of the Abyss Devices LPG VCA Eurorack Module

    The Abyss Devices LPG VCA Eurorack module offers creative possibilities for sound sculpting with its dual passive LPG and vactrols in sockets. It comes with handmade vactrols made of carefully selected parts, which can be easily experimented with or DIYed by swapping them out of the sockets. The module also features a fall trimmer that controls the vactrol response curve and volume, allowing for a range of natural long vactrol response time to very short decay. Additionally, the module functions best with short triggers to produce a snappy sound, and an LED monitors the CV in socket signal. Inserting CV from LFO, ADSR, sequencers, and other sources into the CV in sockets allows it to be used as a VCA. Finally, the module has no power consumption and a muted output when no CV in signal is present.

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  4. Exploring Advanced Sound Sculpting with Multi-Mode Filters and LFOs

    This article delves into advanced sound sculpting using multi-mode filters and LFOs in a Eurorack system. The builds explored in the article include the Cwejman MMF-2, Erica Synths Drum Modulator, Sacrament Modular Cursible, Toppobrillo Multifilter 2, and Erica Synths Black Low Pass VCF. The MMF-2 offers stereo multi-mode filtering, saturation, and mix controls, while the Drum Modulator features dual-syncable LFOs and a noise source. The Cursible is a morphing effects-send matrix with multiple modes of operation, and the Multifilter 2 adds various functions to the old filter, including a dual-input crossfading mixer and ping input. Finally, the Black Low Pass VCF offers stable, 24dB/oct resonant low-pass filtering with voltage control over cutoff and resonance, as well as an overdrive circuit and filter coupler connection.

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