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  1. Unleashing the Sonic Storm: Exploring the Eowave Tempête Magnétique Eurorack Module

    Unleash the sonic storm with the Eowave Tempête Magnétique Eurorack module, featuring quad complex multimode filters, cross modulation, and oscillation capabilities. This versatile module allows for filtering, weird synth voices, waveshaping, LFO/oscillator generation, crossover, external rhythm following, auto-filtering, and drum generation. With its analog design, it brings warmth and unique behaviors to your sound, creating new textures. Explore the endless possibilities of this 22hp skiff-friendly module and push the boundaries of modular synthesis. (Article Category: Effects & Processing)

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  2. Exploring the Unpredictable World of Manifold Research Centre's Tetragrid: A Magnetic-Board Gate & CV Controller Module

    The Manifold Research Centre's Tetragrid is an unconventional 2D polytope magnetic-board Eurorack module that produces gate and CV patterns through multidimensional geometry. The module has six LFO outputs with four being free-running, while the remaining two have speed control pots. The panel comes with 30 cross-modulation touchpoints where you use magnetic pins on the faceplate to modulate different outputs between each other. The connections made can produce varied outputs, including gates, triggers, ramps, random CV, and occasional audio rate bursts. The Tetragrid is designed to challenge the concept of control, giving you random outputs with a touch of real analog randomness to create unique music patches.

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