Boucan: Unleash Chaos and Creativity with the Odd Analog Noise Generator

Dive deep into the chaos and creativity with Boucan, a truly unique offering in the world of eurorack modules, an odd analog noise generator that blurs the boundaries between sound processing and sound generation. Paradoxically both a generator and a shaper, Boucan is an OTP in the wild forest of sonic offerings by Sovage Engineering.

This entertainment titan is equipped with two channels with individual controls and outputs. As expressive as they are powerful, each channel can serve as a standalone noise source, or blended together to create a rich tapestry of audio awesomeness. These are complemented by the audacious whip of three types of fixed noise outputs: the perennial favorites WHITE and PINK, and a daring custom blend by Sovage engineers called FIRE. The result? A symphony of anarchic textures that can either take center stage or contribute as incidental percussion to your eurorack patterns. Unleash a ROCKET ENGINE blast or summon a HURRICANE all at the turn of a knob, amplifying the creative possibilities of your sound design.

At the bleeding heart of Boucan beats the "MULTI FUNCTION KNOBS". Sleek, tactile and responsive, they provide real-time voltage-controlled modulation, transforming the signal and ricocheting between different tonal landscapes. Go wild with morphing capabilities - twist, exaggerate, mangle - make the audio fluid, continuously morphing it into uncharted territories.

But what if you're not in the mood for a noise onslaught? Use the central INPUT instead, which allows you to pump any kind of external audio source right into the heart of the Boucan. Blend your external sounds with the internal noise circuits to construct beautifully mangled hybrids, or simply switch off all the noise and use Boucan solely as an effects unit.

The "NOISE LEVEL" knob serves not just as the gatekeeper of sonic volume, but as an essential player in overall sound modulation. Whether you're crafting a subliminal wash of fuzzy warmth or questing for the most cacophonous caterwaul, the "NOISE LEVEL" is your touch-sensitive paintbrush, allowing you to daub the final audio artwork with your personalized touch.

Take pride in the anarchic side of modular sound generation with Boucan, and unleash your own sonic whirlwind. You're not just making noise - you're sculpting it. Now it’s time to MAKE SOME NOISE, and sprinkle the result generously with BBBRRRZZZ, as only Sovage Engineering could demand.

With the Boucan by your side, the quest for sonic change is far from over. Go on, lodge your flag deep into the world of noise and proclaim your sound. Amplify your Echoes. Power up your Pitches. And always, always, keep the BBBRRRZZZ rumbling.

Example Usage

Novice-level usage example:

Let's say you're a newcomer to the world of eurorack modules, and you've just got your hands on the Boucan by Sovage Engineering. Excited to unleash chaos and creativity, you decide to experiment with its analog noise generation capabilities.

To get started, connect the Boucan to your eurorack system using standard audio cables. Make sure it's receiving power and turn up your system's volume to an appropriate level.

Take a moment to explore the controls on the Boucan. You'll find two channels labeled COLORED NOISE and ROCKET ENGINE/HURRICANE. Each channel has its own controls and outputs, allowing for independent manipulation.

Begin by adjusting the output levels of both channels using the dedicated knobs. Start with lower settings to avoid overwhelming your ears or speakers.

Now, let's focus on the COLORED NOISE channel. With its mix of different classic colored noise, it can add unique nuances to your sound. Play around with the COLORED NOISE control knob to vary the intensity or character of the noise.

Next, turn your attention to the ROCKET ENGINE/HURRICANE channel. This channel takes you into heavier and more unusual sonic territories. Adjust the output level and experiment with the morphing capability offered by the top "MULTI FUNCTION KNOBS." These knobs can be manually controlled or even modulated by external voltage sources.

To inject more noise into the entire circuit, gradually turn up the "NOISE LEVEL" knob. This will increase the amplitude of both channels simultaneously, creating a more chaotic and layered sonic experience.

If you want to introduce external audio sources into the mix, simply plug them into the central input of the Boucan. Feel free to blend these external sounds with the internal noise circuit using the appropriate controls. This opens up exciting possibilities for using the Boucan as an effect unit with surprising and distinctive results at every output.

As you play around with the Boucan, don't be afraid to embrace the unpredictability and experimentation it offers. Let the odd analog noise generator take you on a sonic journey filled with bleeps, bloops, and unexpected textures. Remember, the goal here is to have fun and express your creativity. So, go ahead and make some noise with the Boucan!

In an intermediate-level usage example for the article 'Boucan: Unleash Chaos and Creativity with the Odd Analog Noise Generator', we will explore how the module can be used as a versatile distortion effect.

Imagine you have a simple drum loop playing in your Eurorack setup, and you want to give it some grit and character. Inserting the Boucan module into the mix can take your drum loop to a whole new level.

Start by patching the output of your drum machine into the direct central input of the Boucan. This will allow you to blend the internal noise circuit with the drum loop. Next, adjust the "NOISE LEVEL" knob to find the right balance between the injected noise and the original drum sound.

Now, let's focus on the two channels of the Boucan. Channel 1 will be responsible for adding distortion, while Channel 2 will provide interesting waveshaping effects. Adjust the output level for each channel to set the desired intensity.

To add distortion, use the controls on Channel 1. Experiment with the controls, such as the "DISTORT" knob or the "MULTI FUNCTION KNOB" for morphing capabilities. These parameters will shape the amount and character of the distortion applied to your drum loop. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries and explore the extremes to find unique and exciting textures.

Moving on to Channel 2, utilize the waveshaping capabilities of the Boucan. Play around with controls like "WSH FILTER" and "WSH AMOUNT" to mold the waveform of your drum loop, adding harmonics and creating new timbres. Combine this with the morphing capability of the "MULTI FUNCTION KNOB" to introduce evolving textures to the mix.

Remember to experiment with different settings and parameters to find the sweet spots that suit your taste. The Boucan's ability to behave as a tonal equalizer and a filter can also be utilized to further sculpt and shape your drum loop, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

Unleash chaos and creativity by incorporating the Boucan into your setup. It's a true odd analog noise generator that can push your sound to the next level, adding distortion, waveshaping, and a touch of analog charm to your music. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the noise!

Further Thoughts

One creative usage example for the Boucan module is to use it as a tonal equalizer in your eurorack setup. By adjusting the various controls and experimenting with the different noise outputs, you can sculpt unique and textured EQ curves. For example, let's say you have a drum loop playing through your setup and you want to add some character and grit to it. Patch the output of the drum machine into the direct central input of the Boucan module and engage the colored noise channel. Set the noise level to around 50% and adjust the EQ controls to enhance the desired frequency range of the drums. This will add a layer of analog noise and distortion to the drums, giving them a more aggressive and chaotic sound. Experiment with the different types of noise outputs, such as the homemade special FIRE output, to further shape and color the drum's tonality. The Boucan module allows for endless possibilities for creative sound design and processing, and using it as a tonal equalizer is just one exciting way to unleash chaos and creativity in your eurorack system.