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  1. Exploring Soundscapes with the Knob Technology SGR1806-20: An Analog Drum Synthesizer Powerhouse

    Exploring Soundscapes with the Knob Technology SGR1806-20: An Analog Drum Synthesizer Powerhouse - This fully analog percussion sound synthesizer doubles as a synth voice, offering a V block with 3 triangle oscillators, an N block with 3 noise oscillators, a VC Mixer for smooth V to N crossfading, a wavefolder/waveshaper, distortion, and an envelope with a log/antilog curve. With a pure analog design, this 3U 12HP module is perfect for creating mesmerizing drones, powerful noise, and dynamic drum sounds. Retailing at $350, the SGR1806-20 is a must-have for any eurorack enthusiast.

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  2. The Therevox Ondes VCO: Reviving the Sounds of the Ondes Martenot in Eurorack Form

    The Therevox Ondes VCO is a eurorack compatible module that re-creates the original 7th generation Ondes Martenot oscillator with improvements and additional synth-friendly features. Using original schematics and guidance from Jean Landry, the designer has revived these rare sounds from the Ondes Martenot, providing access to the specialized wave shapers and mixing circuits that make up the unique timbral combinations of the instrument. In addition to the temperature correcting pitch circuit, precision components, and stability improvements, the module features a 1V/OCT pitch input, four position octave switch, three buffered outputs, and two high-quality internal VCAs with illuminated level indication. The silkscreened aluminum front panel comes in four different colors with industrial powder-coating and bead-blasted anodizing finishes.

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  3. CVM-8: The Expert Sleepers Module for Ultimate MIDI and I2C Integration

    The Expert Sleepers CVM-8 is a compact and powerful eight channel CV to MIDI and CV to I2C converter in a 4HP Eurorack module. With two independent MIDI ports and the ability to connect to other Expert Sleepers modules, as well as configuration options and firmware updates via a browser-based tool, this module offers ultimate MIDI and I2C integration for any set-up. Additionally, it provides I2C-to-MIDI functionality and connects to the Select Bus, making it an all-in-one solution for controlling and integrating multiple devices.

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