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  1. How to Create Beautifully Animated Folding Sounds with the Tiptop Audio Fold Processor Eurorack Module.

    The Tiptop Audio Fold Processor Eurorack module is a voltage-controlled wave multiplier and sub-octave generator based on a classic diode design. This sound processing module allows for the creation of beautifully animated folding sounds from standard sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waves. The Fold Processor includes a CV input with an attenuator, adjustable voltage-controlled Inject, and a subdivide generator that squares the fold output to create up to four sounds spaced one octave apart. Mixing the four can result in anything from discordant square wave swarms to sweet harmonic oscillator stacks, making for a truly versatile and multi-faced module.

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  2. Enhance Your Modular Setup with Mosaic's Line Input Module

    The Mosaic Line Input Module is a stereo input converter that allows you to input audio from desktop and professional gear into the modular environment. With a built-in gain knob to adjust the levels, this unbalanced module is ideal for use with keyboards, synths, and audio interface outputs. The module offers a convenient attenuator for fine-tuning your levels, which can help prevent distortion. The Mosaic Line Input Module is an excellent addition to a modular setup and can help enhance your sound processing capabilities.

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