Get Creative with Favorite Avocado Toast: An Analog Filter, Modulator, and Overdrive in One Eurorack Module

The Eurorack world never stops surprising us with modules that offer new creative possibilities for musicians and sound designers. The Favorite Avocado Toast by Crazy Chicken Mod is one of these modules that go beyond what we usually expect from a filter module. This analog module packs a powerful set of features that allow you to shape and color your sound in a variety of ways.

At the core of the Favorite Avocado Toast, there's a classic 24db/oct low-pass filter that can be controlled using the "A (means avocado)" knob. This knob allows you to adjust the cutoff frequency of the filter and sculpt the character of the sound. But the Favorite Avocado Toast goes further by adding a built-in modulator, called "bread", that can add harmonics to the sound.

The bread modulator has two modes that can be selected using a toggle switch in the middle. The -1oct mode adds harmonics below the fundamental frequency (also known as sub-harmonics) while the -2oct mode adds harmonics two octaves above the fundamental frequency (also known as overtones). This means that you can use the bread modulator to create thick and complex sounds by adding a sub and a little bit of overtones in unison.

The Favorite Avocado Toast also features an overdrive on the output, called "spices", that is based on rare Soviet diodes. This overdrive can add warmth and color to the sound and is a great way to give your sounds some extra character.

In addition to these features, the Favorite Avocado Toast has three CV inputs that can be used to modulate different parameters of the module. The cutoff frequency CV input has an attenuator that allows you to control the amount of modulation. The cutoff with 1V/oct tracking input allows you to use the module as an oscillator that can track up to 4 octaves. And the resonance CV input allows you to add extra character and depth to the sound.

Overall, the Favorite Avocado Toast is a versatile and powerful sound processing tool that can be used in many different creative contexts. Whether you're looking for a classic filter sound, want to add harmonics and warmth to your sounds, or want to use the module as an oscillator, the Favorite Avocado Toast has you covered. Check out Crazy Chicken Mod's Instagram for more information and sound examples.

Example Usage

If you're a modular synth novice, you can use the Crazy Chicken Favorite Avocado Toast module to give your basic synth sounds a boost. For example, start by sending a simple saw wave from your oscillator module into Favorite Avocado Toast's input. Adjust the big avocado knob to sweep the cutoff frequency of the LP filter. Then, turn the "Bread" knob to add some subtle modulation to your signal. Try toggling between -1 and -2 octave modes to hear the difference in the added harmonics. Finally, turn up the "Spices" knob to add some warm overdrive to your sound. With just a few tweaks, you've transformed your basic saw wave into a complex and dynamic sound.

An intermediate-level usage example for the Favorite Avocado Toast could be to use it as a sound shaping tool in a live performance. Start by connecting a sound source to the Favorite Avocado Toast's input and adjusting the cut-off frequency of the filter using the A (avocado) knob. Add some resonance using the Calories knob to bring out the character of the filter. Then, turn on the Bread modulator and select the -1oct mode to add some lower harmonics to the sound. Adjust the amount of modulation using the Bread knob. Finally, add some spice to the sound by turning up the Spices knob and adjusting the amount of overdrive. Use CV inputs to automate cut-off frequency, resonance, and modulation amount for a dynamic performance. The Favorite Avocado Toast's unique combination of filter, modulator, and overdrive can help you create a distinctive sound that stands out in a crowded electronic music scene.

Further Thoughts

An expert-level usage example for the Crazy Chicken Favorite Avocado Toast module is to use it to add warmth and character to a dry lead synth line. Start by patching the lead into the input of the Favorite Avocado Toast and adjusting the cutoff frequency with the "A (means avocado)" knob to find the desired cutoff point. Then, engage the built-in modulator by toggling the switch to either the -1oct or -2oct mode to add in harmonics. Use the "Bread" knob to control the amount of modulation. Next, add a subtle amount of overdrive by turning up the "Spices" knob to warm up the sound and add some color. Finally, use one of the three CV inputs to modulate the cutoff frequency or resonance to add movement and variation to the sound. The end result will be a rich and dynamic lead with a unique character and warmth that can only be achieved with analog processing.