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  1. Exploring Advanced Sound Sculpting with Multi-Mode Filters and LFOs

    This article delves into advanced sound sculpting using multi-mode filters and LFOs in a Eurorack system. The builds explored in the article include the Cwejman MMF-2, Erica Synths Drum Modulator, Sacrament Modular Cursible, Toppobrillo Multifilter 2, and Erica Synths Black Low Pass VCF. The MMF-2 offers stereo multi-mode filtering, saturation, and mix controls, while the Drum Modulator features dual-syncable LFOs and a noise source. The Cursible is a morphing effects-send matrix with multiple modes of operation, and the Multifilter 2 adds various functions to the old filter, including a dual-input crossfading mixer and ping input. Finally, the Black Low Pass VCF offers stable, 24dB/oct resonant low-pass filtering with voltage control over cutoff and resonance, as well as an overdrive circuit and filter coupler connection.

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