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  1. Takaab 2NON Eurorack Module Review: Exploring The Versatility Of Passive Dual ON-OFF-ON Switches

    The Takaab 2NON Eurorack module by Siam Modular is a versatile passive dual ON-OFF-ON switch that allows users to switch between two inputs or routing one input to either of two outputs. This review explores the Takaab 2NON's functionality, size, and package contents. The module's compact size of 1cm (2HP) x 128.5cm x 1.6cm and a depth of 1.2cm make it a practical addition to any Eurorack setup. The package includes one module and two M3 screws. Overall, the Takaab 2NON is a useful and compact module that provides an effective solution for routing audio and CV signals.

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  2. Revamp Your Sound with Fruku AXB: The Ultimate Guide to 4:2 Switching

    The article 'Revamp Your Sound with Fruku AXB: The Ultimate Guide to 4:2 Switching' is a comprehensive guide on how to use the Eurorack module called Fruku AXB. This module is a 4:2 switch that allows the user to route four inputs to two outputs, or two inputs to four outputs. The guide explains the three-way switch functionality, as well as how to select sources for each output. The article is perfect for those looking to add signal routing and switching to their setup and learn more about Fruku AXB's features.

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