Takaab 2NON Eurorack Module Review: Exploring The Versatility Of Passive Dual ON-OFF-ON Switches

The Siam Modular Takaab 2NON Eurorack module is a compact and versatile passive dual ON-OFF-ON switch that allows users to switch between two inputs or route one input to either of two outputs. The module is part of the Takaab range of modules by Siam Modular and features two ON-OFF-ON switches which can be oriented in either direction. This feature allows for the user to switch between two inputs (or neither in the center position) routing to the common output. Alternatively, it can be used to route one input to either of two outputs (or neither).

In terms of size, the Takaab 2NON is a mere 1cm (2HP) x 128.5cm x 1.6cm and has a depth of 1.2cm. This small form factor makes it a practical addition to any Eurorack setup, especially systems where space is at a premium. The package includes one module and two M3 screws, which is all you'll need to mount it into your setup.

One of the most significant advantages of the Takaab 2NON is its versatility as a switching module for audio and CV signals. It is ideal for various applications such as splitting audio or CV signals to multiple destinations, switching between different sources, and more.

The module's construction is of high quality, and the switches provide a satisfying tactile feel. The center position of the switches helps to prevent accidental switch activations, and the LEDs for each switch allow for easy visual identification of the current state.

Overall, the Takaab 2NON is a useful and compact module that provides an effective solution for routing audio and CV signals. If you are looking for a versatile and reliable switching module, the Siam Modular Takaab 2NON is undoubtedly worth considering.

Example Usage

A NOVICE-level use case for the Takaab 2NON Eurorack module would be to use it as an input selector for a musical performance setup. You can use the two ON-OFF-ON switches to toggle between two different instruments or sound sources before routing the final output to your mixer or recorder. The switches can be placed either way round, which gives you even more flexibility to customize your routing options. With its small size and easy-to-use interface, the Takaab 2NON is a great module to help you create your own unique sound.

One interesting application for the Takaab 2NON module is to use it as a CV switch to alternate between two modulation sources. For example, you could use two LFOs and switch between them to add variety to a repetitive patch. By adjusting the switches' positions and output connections, you could create different rhythmic patterns or timbral changes in your sound over time. Additionally, you could use the Takaab 2NON to switch between two audio signals going into a mixer or other processing modules to add a dynamic element to your sound design.

Further Thoughts

The Takaab 2NON Eurorack module's passive dual ON-OFF-ON switches can provide a versatile solution to route audio signals in a live performance setup. For instance, you can use the switches of the module to toggle between two different oscillators or filters and control which of them is sent to the output channel or delay effect, allowing you to create complex and evolving soundscapes in real-time. Plus, with its small 1cm (2HP) x 128.5cm x 1.6cm design, the Takaab 2NON module is perfect for saving valuable space on your Eurorack case.