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  1. Vintage Saturation and Flexibility: Exploring the ADDAC712 Dual Channel Discrete Gain Staging Amplifier

    The ADDAC712 Dual Channel Discrete Gain Staging Amplifier is an exciting new Eurorack module that is based on a famous preamp board from the 1970s. This module is capable of adding a vintage saturation and distortion/fuzz character to modular signals, as well as serving as a preamp for external sources such as guitars, keyboards, or line sources. The module offers flexibility with its top and middle gain stages, allowing users to completely distort the signal on the top stage and then manage its output level with the second stage. The module also includes an On/Off bypass switch, a gain control, a max gain trimmer, and an output control for further customization. The ADDAC712 is a great companion for the ADDAC711 Balanced Inputs module and offers a unique quality of hard clipping that can create gate effects at extreme levels.

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  2. Exploring the Endless Possibilities of the CWEJMAN MMF-2 Battleship Grey: A Stereo Multi Mode Filter for sound Manipulation

    The CWEJMAN MMF-2 Battleship Grey module is a versatile stereo multi-mode filter that can help users experiment with mono and stereo audio material by providing a variety of modifications and reshaping options. The module contains three functional blocks: filter, saturation stage, and mix. The filter block is based on two four-pole multi-mode filters with several selectable outputs, while the saturation stage includes both post and pre-modes of saturation. The mix block controls the proportion between the dry and wet audio signal, and the direct outputs are not affected by the mix. With CV-controllable parameters, the MMF-2 provides endless possibilities for sound manipulation.

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