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  1. Adding Color and Texture to Your Eurorack Sound with the Modbap Modular HUE Audio Processor Module

    The Modbap Modular HUE Eurorack module is a 6hp audio colour processor with a chain of four effects (Drive, Filter, Tape Saturation, LoFi) and a Compressor. HUE is designed to bring the big, bold, textural sound of classic drum machines and LoFi boombap production into the Eurorack format. This module is great for adding colour and texture to both drums and melodic content, and can serve as the final glue in the signal path. With CV inputs for Drive, Filter, Tape Saturation, and LoFi, HUE offers loads of creative modulation possibilities.

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  2. AGNI: The Multi-Functional Eurorack Module That Takes Signal Processing to the Next Level

    AGNI is a multi-functional Eurorack module that combines a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) with a wavefolder, distortion section, passive filter, and feedback block. It features a discrete VCA and a diode-based wavefolder, as well as a proprietary distortion control circuit. It also allows for modulation of one signal with another in the audio range. The module is available for order and comes with a PDF manual and technical specifications. A demo and tutorial are also available.

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