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  1. Exploring the Sonic Depths with Wildsync-FatMoog VCF/VCA: A Eurorack Marvel in Filter and Amplification Innovation

    This article dives deep into the innovative features of the Wildsync-FatMoog VCF/VCA eurorack module. Featuring a voltage-controlled 24 db/octave ladder filter and unique waveshaper mods for both Lead (Prodigy) and Bass (Minitaur) sounds, this module offers versatile sonic possibilities. With an attenuverter on the filter CV input, a level attenuator on the VCA CV input, and an output peak indicator, the Wildsync-FatMoog VCF/VCA is a true marvel in filter and amplification innovation.

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  2. Exploring Psychoacoustic Wonders with Instruō Dåpf: A Dual All-Pass Filter Eurorack Module

    Explore the psychoacoustic wonders of the Instruō Dåpf, a dual all-pass filter Eurorack module that offers a unique approach to filtering by focusing on altering phase relationships rather than attenuating frequencies directly. With two parallel all-pass filters, independent attenuverters for voltage control, and the flexibility of cascaded or independent use, the Dåpf opens up possibilities for classic phase-shifting, stereo enhancement, and synthetic Doppler effects. Additionally, the module features 1-Pole/2-Pole configuration for channel 1, global 1 volt per octave tracking, and serves as a core building block within DSP applications. Dive into the sonic possibilities of the Instruō Dåpf and unleash your creativity in sound design.

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