Get Your Groove On: Exploring the MRG Kick - A Powerful 808-like Eurorack Module

The MRG Kick is a must-have Eurorack module for anyone looking to add powerful and dynamic kicks to their music. Based on a four-layer PCB, this module offers a clone of the TR-808 Bass Drum, with two trigger inputs that can generate kicks at different accents, which can be changed dynamically. The TRIGGER1 and TRIGGER2 inputs of the MRG Kick can be used independently to generate kicks at different accent levels, and these trigger inputs work either with gate signals or proper trigger signals.

Similar to the original TR-808 Bass Drum, the MRG Kick also features controls for TONE and DECAY, with the DECAY being able to be stretched to a longer decay than the original. The rail-to-rail opamp used in the module is capable of producing a full 24VPP output signal, making it a loud and powerful 808-like BD that is perfect for saturation and distortion.

Overall, the MRG Kick is a powerful and versatile Eurorack module that is perfect for generating dynamic kicks with different accents, making it an ideal addition to any electronic music enthusiast's setup. With its ability to generate dynamic and powerful kicks, the MRG Kick module is the perfect choice for musicians who want to add some serious punch to their music.

Example Usage

If you are new to using the MRG Kick, start by connecting a trigger source to Trigger 1. Adjust the TONE and DECAY knobs until you find a kick sound you like. If you want to add some variety to your beat, try connecting a second trigger source to Trigger 2 and experiment with the different accent levels to create dynamic kicks with different levels of emphasis. Don't be afraid to push the DECAY knob to create longer kicks with more sustain. Have fun and explore all the possibilities this powerful 808-like module has to offer!

An intermediate-level usage example for the MRG Kick module is to use it to create dynamic and evolving kick patterns. With the two trigger inputs, you can create complex rhythms by sending different accents to each trigger input. You can also experiment with using gate signals and proper trigger signals to see how they affect the sound. By adjusting the TONE and DECAY controls, you can further shape the sound to fit your track. Consider using the MRG Kick in conjunction with other drum modules to create a powerful and unique drum kit.

Further Thoughts

One of the most exciting features of the MRG Kick is its ability to generate kicks at different accents using its two trigger inputs. By using a sequencer to trigger each input at different intervals, you can create complex and dynamic kick patterns that evolve over time. For example, you could program a simple 4-on-the-floor pattern using TRIGGER1, then add subtle variations and accents using TRIGGER2. With the control for TONE and DECAY, you can shape each kick even further, creating a wide range of sounds from tight and punchy to boomy and saturated. Whether you're looking for classic 808-style kicks or something more modern and cutting-edge, the MRG Kick is a powerful and versatile tool for any electronic musician.