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  1. Switching Rhythmic Chaos: Takaab, Rung Divisions, uGrids & Anomaly

    In this article, we explore the captivating realm of rhythmic chaos by combining the Takaab 2NON's versatile switching capabilities, Fancyyyyy Rung Divisions' polyrhythmic gate generation, the uGrids' Micro Mutable Grids' intricate patterns, and the textural oblivion of Noise Reap's Anomaly module. These modules together form a dynamic and unpredictable musical landscape, where patterns intertwine, rhythms evolve, and textures shift in a mesmerizing sonic journey through eurorack possibilities.

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  2. Modular Wizardry: SEGS, 2LPG, uGrids, Moskwa II & Analog VCO

    This article explores the magical combination of the SEGS Stages Clone, 2LPG V2, uGrids Micro Mutable Grids, Moskwa II Rotosequencer, and Analog VCO. The SEGS module offers versatile segment generation for envelopes and LFOs. The 2LPG V2 provides organic sound shaping with its passive low-pass gates. The uGrids module is a compact version of Mutable Grids for rhythmic patterns. The Moskwa II Rotosequencer expands on classic analog sequencers with advanced features like gate pattern generators. Lastly, the Analog VCO offers classic waveforms and FM capabilities with the iconic CEM3340 IC. A powerful array for creating intricate and dynamic modular soundscapes.

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  3. Tube-driven Chaos: Orobas meets Ctrl, Midi, UGrids, and Xer Mixa!

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining the Orobas dual tube amplifier with the Ctrl module, Midi Thru, UGrids, and Xer Mixa. The Orobas, with its unique routing capabilities and control voltage inputs, allows for the creation of a wide variety of sounds. The Ctrl module offers four independent stages for generating adjustable voltages, making it a versatile tool for controlling other modules. The Midi Thru module provides MIDI connectivity and multiple outputs, while UGrids, a micro version of Mutable Instruments Grids, adds rhythmic patterns and variations to the mix. Lastly, the Xer Mixa is a summing mixer with ten stereo-paired inputs, tactile controls, and a 100% analog signal path, perfectly complementing the other modules in this setup. By combining these modules, musicians can unleash tube-driven chaos and explore new sonic territories in their Eurorack builds.

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  4. Reviving Mutable Instruments Grids: A Review of After Later Audio's uGrids Eurorack Module

    The After Later Audio uGrids Eurorack module is an 8hp clone of the retired Mutable Instruments Grids, with identical functionality and firmware compatibility with the full-size version. This module is a great addition to any Eurorack setup and is ideal for those looking for a versatile drum module with multiple trigger outputs and intuitive controls. In this review, we will explore the features and benefits of the uGrids and how it can help revive the classic Grids for modern producers.

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  5. Exploring the uGrids Micro Mutable Instruments Grids: Sleek Design and Superior Functionality in One Eurorack Module

    The uGrids Micro Mutable Instruments Grids is an 8hp module that offers exceptional functionality and sports a sleek design. This highly-exclusive module features a white and silver FR4 panel and T18 pots with mini knobs, all made of metal. It is hand-built in Los Angeles and is a smaller version of Mutable Grids. Its highly advanced features and compact design make it a perfect addition to your Eurorack setup.

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