Eurorack Module Spotlight: Unleash Explosive Analog Drum Sounds with the Frequency Central Boom!!

If you're searching for a versatile analog drum module that can ignite your creativity, look no further than the Frequency Central Boom!! This explosive module offers a wide range of applications and is guaranteed to bring your drum sounds to life.

At the heart of the Boom!! lies its VCO, which is built around the LM13700. This VCO features a HIGH/LOW switch and a SWEEP control, giving you the ability to shape its response to the onboard envelope. This flexibility allows you to craft a variety of drum sounds, from deep bass drums to sparkling chirps and blips.

But the Boom!! doesn't stop there. Its other half of the LM13700 is meticulously designed to function as a release envelope generator. Equipped with a FAST/SLOW switch and a RELEASE control, this envelope generator adds an extra layer of dynamic shaping to your drum sounds. Plus, the envelope input is velocity sensitive, providing a responsive and expressive output.

For those looking to explore further sonic possibilities, the Boom!! offers an envelope output that can be used to drive external modules. This opens up endless opportunities for creative modulation and integration within your Eurorack system.

Whether you're a seasoned musician or an enthusiastic beginner, the Boom!! is a must-have module in your drum synthesis arsenal. Its versatility and unique features make it a standout choice for anyone looking to create extraordinary analog drum sounds.

In conclusion, the Frequency Central Boom!! is a powerful analog drum module that is capable of crafting a wide array of drum sounds. Its VCO, built around the LM13700, combined with the release envelope generator and velocity sensitivity, offers a level of control and expression that is unparalleled. From thunderous bass drums to intricate chirps and clicks, the Boom!! delivers exceptional sonic results. If you're ready to unleash explosive analog drum sounds, the Boom!! is the module for you.

Check out the Frequency Central Boom!! now and take your drum synthesis to the next level!

Example Usage

In your eurorack setup, patch the Frequency Central Boom!! module into your mixer or audio interface. Connect a gate signal from your sequencer to the gate input of the Boom!! module. Adjust the HIGH/LOW switch on the VCO to select your desired frequency range. Set the SWEEP control to shape the VCO's response to the envelope.

Next, use the FAST/SLOW switch and RELEASE control of the release envelope generator to fine-tune the decay time of the drum sound. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired length and character of the drum hit.

To add some dynamics to your drum sound, send a velocity-sensitive signal to the envelope input. Connect a CV or gate output from your MIDI/CV interface, controller, or sequencer to this input. The input will respond to the level of the incoming signal, allowing you to add expressive variations to your drum patterns.

Don't forget to take advantage of the envelope output, which can be used to modulate other modules in your eurorack system. You can route this output to control parameters such as filter cutoff frequencies, modulation depth, or even trigger additional envelopes for complex sound shaping.

Start exploring the vast possibilities of the Frequency Central Boom!! module by creating unique bass drums, tom toms, chirps, blips, and clicks. Unleash explosive analog drum sounds and add some rhythmic intensity to your eurorack tracks. The Boom!! is an essential module for any drum-oriented setup. Check out the Frequency Central website for additional information and demos.

In this example, we will explore how the Frequency Central Boom!! can be used to create dynamic and punchy tom tom sounds in your Eurorack modular setup. Follow the steps below to unlock a wide range of expressive drum sounds:

  1. Start by patching an output from your drum sequencer or trigger source to the trigger input of the Boom!!. This will activate the drum voice and trigger its envelope generator.
  2. Set the HIGH/LOW switch of the VCO to the LOW position. This will tune the VCO to a lower frequency range, perfect for generating deep tom tom sounds.
  3. Adjust the SWEEP control to shape the response of the VCO. Turning it clockwise will create longer, more sustained tom tom sounds, while a counterclockwise turn will result in shorter and snappier toms.
  4. Experiment with the FAST/SLOW switch and RELEASE control of the release envelope generator. These parameters allow you to sculpt the decay time of the tom tom sound. Setting it to FAST will result in a quicker decay, while SLOW will create a more drawn-out decay.
  5. For added expressiveness, try connecting a velocity-sensitive source, such as a pressure pad or a MIDI-to-CV module, to the envelope input of the Boom!!. This will allow you to control the envelope response and add dynamics to your tom tom hits.
  6. To further expand your drum sound palette, patch the envelope output of the Boom!! to other modules within your Eurorack system. This way, you can use the envelope to modulate parameters of other sound sources or include it in your overall modulation matrix.

With the Frequency Central Boom!!, you have the power to craft unique and expressive tom tom sounds within your Eurorack system. Let your creativity run wild and explore the endless sonic possibilities of this analog drum voice module.

Further Thoughts

The Frequency Central Boom!! is not your ordinary drum module. With its versatile analog drum voice capabilities, it can unleash explosive drum sounds and take your rhythm section to the next level. Utilizing a VCO built around the powerful LM13700, this module offers a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Let's dive into an expert-level usage example that showcases the Boom!! module's potential:

Imagine you're working on a techno track, and you want to create a captivating kick drum sound that cuts through the mix and drives the energy of the entire composition. By incorporating the Boom!!, you'll be able to craft a unique and powerful kick drum that stands out from the rest.

Start by patching an input trigger signal to the Boom!!. Adjust the HIGH/LOW switch on the VCO to decide whether you want a deep, booming kick or a punchy, tight kick. The SWEEP control comes into play here, allowing you to shape the response of the onboard envelope, providing further customization options.

Next, explore the release envelope generator on the other half of the LM13700. Adjust the FAST/SLOW switch and the RELEASE control to sculpt the decay and release characteristics of your kick drum. This feature grants you precise control over the tail of the drum sound, ensuring it fits perfectly within your mix.

To add even more dynamics to your kick drum, take advantage of the envelope input's velocity sensitivity. Connect a velocity source, such as a MIDI controller or an external module, and the Boom!! will respond dynamically to the intensity of your playing. This adds an organic touch to your kicks, giving them a lifelike feel.

Need further flexibility in your drum section? The Boom!! grants you an envelope output that can drive external modules. This enables you to utilize the same envelope to shape other drum sounds within your setup, creating a cohesive and dynamic rhythm section.

In this usage example, we've just scratched the surface of what the Frequency Central Boom!! can do for your drum sound design. With its versatility, it's not limited to just kick drums. You can also experiment with creating expressive tom toms, glitchy chirps, blips, and clicks.

So, unleash the explosive analog drum sounds of the Boom!! and bring your electronic music productions to new heights. Whether you're delving into techno, experimental, or any genre that craves powerful and versatile drum sounds, this module will undoubtedly become a staple in your Eurorack setup.

Explore the world of the Boom!! now and make room for some serious funk in your compositions.