Mixing it Up: The High-Quality 2x4/1x8 MixerXXM Eurorack Module by 'rides-in-the-storm'

The Eurorack modular synthesizer format offers musicians unparalleled flexibility and creativity in designing their setups. One essential module for any Eurorack system is a mixer, which allows you to combine multiple signals into a single output. The High-Quality 2x4/1x8 MixerXXM Eurorack Module by rides-in-the-storm is a versatile and precise mixer that is suitable for both audio and CV signals.

The module features two sections with single outs and a master out. The A section is DC coupled and has reverse out capability, while the B section is DC or AV (via jumper) and is compatible with both audio and CV signals. This provides a great deal of flexibility in deciding which signals you want to send through each section.

The MixerXXM is powered by high-quality precision Audio Op Amps, ensuring that your signals remain clear and free from noise. The module occupies 8 HP of rack space and has a depth of 25mm, making it a compact and efficient addition to your Eurorack setup.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced electronic musician, the MixerXXM is a high-quality addition to your Eurorack setup. Its precise and versatile capabilities allow you to mix and blend your audio and CV signals with ease, giving you even more room to explore and experiment with your modular synthesizer. Overall, the High-Quality 2x4/1x8 MixerXXM Eurorack Module by rides-in-the-storm is a worthwhile investment for any musician looking to take their Eurorack setup to the next level.

Example Usage

Let's say you have a eurorack setup with multiple sound sources such as a VCO, VCF, and VCA module. To create a balanced mix with all of these sound sources, you can use the MixerXXM module by rides-in-the-storm. Connect the output of each sound source to one of the four inputs of the A section or B section of the module. You can then adjust the levels of each sound source using the individual level knobs of the A and B sections. The reverse out feature of the A section can be useful for creating unique patching options, while the DC or AV jumper of the B section allows for flexibility in interfacing with various modules. Finally, use the master out to send the mixed signal to a separate module or directly to your audio interface for recording.

An intermediate-level usage example for the MixerXXM module by rides-in-the-storm could be combining two different sources of audio signals such as a drum machine and a synthesizer, and then routing them through the A and B sections of the module respectively. The drum machine can use the reverse output while the synthesizer can use the DC or AV via jumper output. The two sections can be mixed together using the master output, and the resulting mix can be sent to an effects module for further processing such as adding reverb or delay. This setup provides a lot of flexibility in terms of routing and mixing audio signals, making it an ideal choice for creative and experimental musicians.

Further Thoughts

The high-quality 2x4/1x8 MixerXXM eurorack module by rides-in-the-storm is an ideal tool for both audio and CV mixing. With two sections, each with single outs and a master out, this mixer provides unparalleled flexibility. The A section is DC-coupled and capable of reverse out, while the B section can be DC or AV via jumper. Thanks to the high-quality precision audio op amps, this mixer offers professional-grade sound quality for all your audio and DC needs. With a rackspace of only 8 HP and a depth of 25mm, the 2x4/1x8 MixerXXM is a compact, efficient, and essential module for any eurorack setup.