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  1. Exploring the Versatility of uPeaks Black: A Mutable Peaks Eurorack Module with Multiple Waveform Options and an 808 Drum Sound Emulator

    The article "Exploring the Versatility of uPeaks Black" highlights the features of the Mutable Peaks Eurorack module. This module comes with multiple waveform options, an 808 drum sound emulator, and can be split into two independent units with separate triggers. The author emphasizes how this module's Dead Man's Catch alternative firmware can add new dimensions to sound design and experimentation. The module is also aesthetically pleasing, as it is built by hand in Los Angeles and features metal-shaft T18 pots with Befaco micro knobs and a high-quality aluminum panel. Overall, the uPeaks Black is an excellent addition to a modular synthesizer setup for those who want to experiment with waveform options and drum sound emulation.

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  2. Exploring the Sonic Possibilities: A Review of the Melotus Versio Eurorack Module for Granular Processing and Texturizing

    The Melotus Versio Eurorack module is a versatile granular processing tool that can be used for everything from grain delays to texturizing and transforming sound. With extensive grain control, filtering options, and the ability to freeze grains and create rhythmic effects, the Melotus Versio offers a range of creative possibilities for sound manipulation. Additionally, it is a DSP platform that can be transformed into a completely different effect by loading alternate firmwares or programming your own with the open-source documentation.

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