ADVA 3U: The Versatile Beast of Analog Multimode Filters

The ADVA 3U, a creation of Plum Audio, is a formidable player in the world of eurorack modules. As a robust smart multimode filter, it emulates the seamless marriage between functionality and aesthetics. This compact unit, despite its modest size, has very few rivals when it comes to its sonic capabilities and its innovative design.

Firstly, this 24dB analog multimode filter embodies versatility in sound synthesis. With its seven filter modes, you can navigate through rich sonic landscapes, ranging from the subdued ambience of an LPG to the biting intensity of acid tones. The phase keeper element ensures an undisturbed phase alignment. No matter the selected filter mode or how experimental you get with your sound, the integrity of your original input's phase is preserved.

The ability of ADVA to self-oscillate enhances its sound pallet even further. Whether it's the exquisite simplicity of sine waves or the jagged undulation of soft square waves, the breadth of sonic possibilities is indeed commendable. Post-distortion circuit activation can transform ADVA 3U into an impressive oscillator or a sound generator for percussive elements.

Most noteworthy is the inclusion of a resonance loudness compensation circuit. The purpose of this feature is to ensure the volume doesn't drop when the resonance is cranked up. No more having to deal with an unpleasant volume dip while turning up the resonance; a common grievance with many filters in the market.

Another intriguing addition to ADVA 3U is the inbuilt analog white noise generator. A simple twist of a knob allows you to elect how much of this element you want to incorporate into your input signal. You can utilize this feature to flesh out the sound, emphasize cutoff movements or achieve various dirty tone flavors when used as an FM source.

In terms of distortion, the ADVA 3U offers a spectacular dual-circuit design. The pre-distortion, classifies as a soft clipping overdrive, capable of thickening waveforms and compressing noise for a more aggressive output. The second distortion circuit located post VCA cultivates a more intense sound, perfect for creating robust acid and other hot tones.

Even though the ADVA 3U maintains an entirely analog sound path, its clever digital support gives users a smooth interface experience. The smart routing system accepts CV modulation of filter modes. This digital circuit also supports an interface featuring three intuitive click knobs and an RGB LED ring.

The click knobs allow for tactile interaction and precise manipulation of sound while the RGB LED ring provides a vibrant visual feedback on the current state of the filter. The combination of these features makes ADVA not just a versatile beast but also a delight to use, broadening the horizons of analog multimode filters in the eurorack domain.

Example Usage

Novice-level usage example:

To start using the ADVA 3U module, let's explore its basic functions. First, connect your audio source to the input of the module using a patch cable. Then, connect the output of the module to your mixer or audio interface. Now, you can hear the processed sound coming out of the module.

To adjust the cutoff frequency of the filter, turn the CUTOFF knob. Try turning it clockwise to hear the sound becoming more muffled and counterclockwise to make it brighter. Play around with different settings to find the best sound for your music.

Next, let's experiment with the resonance control. Turn the RESONANCE knob to increase the intensity of the filter's effect. This will create a more pronounced and resonant sound. Be careful not to go too high, as it can lead to unwanted feedback.

Now, let's explore the different filter modes. The MODE knob allows you to select from seven different filter modes. Turn the knob and listen to how each mode alters the character of the sound. You can try them all to find the one that suits your musical style.

To add some additional flavor to your sound, you can blend in the internal white noise generator. Turn the NOISE knob to increase the amount of noise mixed with your audio signal. This can add richness and texture to your sound or create interesting effects when used with modulation.

Finally, don't forget about the distortion circuits. If you're looking to add some saturation or grit to your sound, experiment with the SOFT CLIP and POST DIST knobs. Turn them up gradually to find the right amount of distortion that complements your music.

Remember, these are just the basics of using the ADVA 3U module. As you gain more experience and confidence, you can start exploring advanced features like modulation and CV control. Let your creativity guide you as you dive deeper into the limitless possibilities of this versatile analog multimode filter.

One intermediate-level usage example for the ADVA 3U module is to use it as a versatile percussion sound generator. By applying V/OCT tracking and activating self-oscillation in any of the filter modes, the ADVA can produce a range of percussive sounds. Adjusting the resonance and utilizing the post-distortion circuit can further shape the character of the percussive tones, allowing for the creation of unique and dirty drum sounds. The internal analog white noise generator adds another layer of texture, which can be blended with the input signal to emphasize cutoff movements and achieve different flavors of dirty percussion. Experimenting with modulation and CV control for the filter modes can introduce dynamic variations and add complexity to the generated percussion sounds.

Further Thoughts

One expert-level usage example for the ADVA 3U module would be using it as a versatile sound generator in a modular synthesizer setup. By utilizing the ADVA's self-oscillation feature and the V/OCT tracking, you can create unique and expressive oscillator-like sounds. By experimenting with different filter modes and adjusting the resonance, you can achieve a wide range of tones that range from clean sine waves to aggressive square waves with the post-distortion circuit activated. Additionally, the dedicated white noise generator can be blended with the input signal to add richness to the sound and emphasize cutoff movements. This can be further enhanced by utilizing the internal analog white noise generator as an FM source, providing a variety of dirty and gritty tones. The ADVA's two separate distortion circuits add even more flexibility, allowing you to push the incoming signal and achieve thickened waveforms or create aggressive and dirty hot tones. With its intuitive interface and the option to modulate filter modes via CV, the ADVA 3U module becomes a powerful tool for sound sculpting and creative exploration in any eurorack modular setup.