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  1. Unleash Gritty and Gnarly Sounds with ADDAC System's Stereo Discrete MixerADDAC713 Eurorack Module

    The ADDAC System's Stereo Discrete MixerADDAC713 Eurorack Module is a fully discrete analog mixer that can produce gritty and gnarly sounds. It has a wolf in sheep's clothing appearance but a dark and snarly soul that can push your sounds into a new realm. This module has four gain controls that can go to extreme levels, and the first three channels boast pan controls. The feedback knob can overdrive the entire mix, resulting in a gate effect. Additionally, it has a master output volume knob, soft clipping switch, and two LED monitors for the left and right channels. This mixer was initially designed for percussion use, with mono inputs and panning, but it now has an added stereo input for the first three channels, keeping the fourth in mono.

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  2. Get Lost in the Soundscapes of the EM-402 Sunless City Transistor Ladder Filter

    The EM-402 Sunless City Transistor Ladder Filter is a top-of-the-line Eurorack filter module that is sure to impress. With both 4-pole / 24 dB/oct and 3-pole 18dB/oct capabilities, this transistor-based low-pass filter provides two signal inputs and fixed and variable exponential CV inputs. The Response control knob allows for varying degrees of filter resonance, from pure low-pass to self-oscillation, all controllable via the variable CV input. Get lost in the soundscapes created by this exceptional piece of gear.

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  3. Exploring the MachineRoom 204D Dual VCF: A True Analog Filter with Sine Wave Oscillator Capabilities

    The MachineRoom 204D Dual VCF is an analog dual voltage controlled low-pass filter with a cut-off slope of -24 dB/octave as in various Moog synthesizers. It has separate controls for both sections and 4 CV inputs for cutoff modulation, making it versatile for both mono and stereo operations. The module also has an adjustable resonance all the way up to self-oscillation, allowing it to behave like a sine wave oscillator with V/Oct tracking up to 4 octaves. Its skiff-friendly design makes it a great addition to any Eurorack system.

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  4. Exploring the Endless Possibilities of the CWEJMAN MMF-2 Battleship Grey: A Stereo Multi Mode Filter for sound Manipulation

    The CWEJMAN MMF-2 Battleship Grey module is a versatile stereo multi-mode filter that can help users experiment with mono and stereo audio material by providing a variety of modifications and reshaping options. The module contains three functional blocks: filter, saturation stage, and mix. The filter block is based on two four-pole multi-mode filters with several selectable outputs, while the saturation stage includes both post and pre-modes of saturation. The mix block controls the proportion between the dry and wet audio signal, and the direct outputs are not affected by the mix. With CV-controllable parameters, the MMF-2 provides endless possibilities for sound manipulation.

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  5. Exploring the Dual State-Variable Filter: ALM Busy Circuits MCFx2 Eurorack Module

    The ALM Busy Circuits MCFx2 Eurorack module is a powerful dual state-variable filter with numerous routing capabilities, ideal for generating or processing sound in a modular system. With two independent low pass filters featuring a range of CV controls, 1V/Oct tracking inputs, and three outputs (low pass, high pass, and a switchable band pass/notch filter), the MCFx2 offers a flexible and dynamic approach to shaping timbres. Additionally, the unit features a Link button for synchronized control over both filters, and a Feed button for feeding filter one into filter two, creating complex and interesting soundscapes.

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