ADVA 3U: Unleash the Versatility of a Smart Multimode Filter

The ADVA 3U from Plum Audio is more than simply an analog multimode filter; it's a compact powerhouse of sound innovation that draws upon plethora of features to create a wide range of rich and immersive tones.

Boasting seven filter modes, the ADVA 3U adeptly explores sonic territories ranging from the subtle harmonics of a low-pass gate (LPG) to the ferocious bite of hot acid tones. As a defining feature, a unique phase keeper function ensures the input’s phase always remains consistent, regardless of the selected filter mode - a characteristic not commonly found in many multimode filters.

Additionally, the inbuilt self-oscillation feature, available across all modes, offers a spectrum of waveforms, from the pure simplicity of sine waves, extending to the rich textures of soft square waves when the post-distortion circuit engages. This, in combination with Volt per Octave (V/OCT) tracking, paves the way for ADVA 3U to excel both as an oscillator and a percussive sound generator.

Integral to ADVA 3U’s sound crafting capability, the incorporation of a resonance loudness compensation circuit guarantees the module maintain its volume even when resonance is cranked up, a handy feature to bypass the often-encountered volume drop in other modules with increased resonance.

The internal analog white noise generator of ADVA 3U is like the secret ingredient in a masterchef's recipe that subtly brings out the beauty of the dish. This generator, by means of a dedicated knob, invites you to blend it with the input signal, adding a layer of intricacy to your sound while underlining cutoff movements. More creatively, it can also be utilized as a Frequency Modulation (FM) source to bring forth a highly eclectic realm of dirty tones.

Delving further into the world of grit and saturation, ADVA 3U features two distinct distortion circuits that push the boundaries of sound design within such a compact module. The first circuit offers soft-clipping overdrive, positioned post white noise blend and input gain knobs. This is capable of adding thickness to an incoming signal, with the possibility to further exaggerate and compress the noise when blended with the noise generator. The second circuit, known as the Post Distortion, is located post Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) and is known to produce some seriously aggressive, acid tones.

Complementing its entirely analog sound path, the ADVA 3U employs a digital support circuit that introduces a smart routing system. This novel addition enables modulation of filter modes via Control Voltage (CV). The interface of ADVA 3U is designed to be intuitive and welcoming, showcasing three CLICKKNOBS and an RGB LED ring that doubles as a visual feedback system, making it easier to identify the current state of the filter.

To sum it up, the ADVA 3U is a veritable audio modulation 'Swiss Army Knife', capable of creating a huge variety of filtering effects, oscillations, and distortions. It offers an undeniably distinct blend of suite features and a convenient form-factor, all contradicted within a smart intuitive interface. Its extensive CV control, self-oscillation, phase keeper and dual distortion circuits make it a must-have in any Eurorack system. Whether you're after some gentle filtering or hardcore, distorted acid tones, ADVA 3U is certain to satisfy your sonic cravings.

Example Usage

Novice Usage Example: Imagine you have a basic setup with a sequencer and a couple of oscillators. You want to add some flavor to your sounds by using a versatile filter module. Enter the ADVA 3U!

First, connect the output of one of your oscillators to the input of ADVA. Adjust the cutoff frequency knob to set the starting point for the filter. Now, start exploring the different filter modes. Turn the mode knob and listen closely to how the sound changes. You'll notice that each mode has its own unique character and tone.

To make things more interesting, try adding some resonance. As you increase the resonance knob, the filter will start to emphasize certain frequencies, giving your sounds a more focused and intense quality. Experiment with different resonance settings to find the sweet spot for your music.

But we're not done yet! ADVA also has a built-in white noise generator. Turn the blend knob to mix in some white noise with your input signal. This will add texture and richness to your sound, making it more dynamic and expressive.

Now, let's explore the distortion circuits. The soft-clipping overdrive can be enabled by turning up the gain knob. This will give your sound a warm and saturated character, perfect for adding some grit to your basslines or lead sounds. If you want to go even further, engage the post-distortion circuit for some aggressive and dirty tones.

Throughout your experimentation, don't forget to play with the modulation options. ADVA allows you to modulate the filter modes via CV, opening up endless possibilities for evolving and dynamic sounds. Connect a modulation source, like an LFO or an envelope, to the CV input and witness how the filter modes come to life, adding movement and interest to your music.

In conclusion, the ADVA 3U is a powerful and versatile filter module that can take your sound design to the next level. Whether you're a novice or an experienced synthesist, this module offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. So go ahead, unleash the versatility of the ADVA 3U and let your creativity soar!

For an intermediate-level usage example, let's explore how you can use the ADVA 3U as a versatile sound generator by utilizing its self-oscillation and distortion capabilities.

  1. Start by patching a VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator) output signal as the input to the ADVA 3U.
  2. Engage the self-oscillation mode on the ADVA 3U by selecting the desired filter mode and increasing the resonance.
  3. Adjust the cutoff frequency to create a tone that resonates and sustains.
  4. Experiment with different filter modes to explore the wide variety of tones the ADVA 3U can produce. It can range from gentle, Low Pass Gate (LPG)-like filtering to hot acid tones at the extremes.
  5. To enhance the sound further, engage the post-distortion circuit. This will add a level of aggressiveness to your tones, perfect for achieving dirty and edgy sounds.
  6. Utilize the VCA (Voltage-Controlled Amplifier) within the ADVA 3U to shape the dynamics of your sound. Modulate the VCA using an envelope or LFO to create rhythmic variations or percussive elements.
  7. To add some extra character to your sound, experiment with the built-in white noise generator. Blend the noise with the input signal, using the dedicated knob, to introduce richness and emphasize cutoff movements. You can also use the noise generator as an FM source to achieve various flavors of dirty tones.
  8. Don't forget to connect modulation sources, such as envelopes or LFOs, to the ADVA 3U's CV inputs to dynamically control parameters like cutoff frequency and resonance.
  9. Take advantage of the ADVA 3U's digital support circuit by routing CV signals to modulate the filter modes. This allows you to create evolving filter sweeps and dynamic timbral changes.
  10. Throughout the process, pay attention to the intuitive interface of the ADVA 3U. The three CLICKKNOBS and the RGB LED ring provide visual feedback, helping you stay aware of the module's current state and settings.

With its smart multimode filtering, self-oscillation capabilities, and versatile distortion circuits, the ADVA 3U becomes an exceptional sound generator that can produce rich and unique tones, ranging from subtle harmonics to screaming acid sounds. Let your creativity run wild while exploring the vast sonic possibilities this module offers.

Further Thoughts

In an expert-level usage example, we can explore how the ADVA 3U can be used to create dynamic and evolving soundscapes. By leveraging its versatile features, such as the multimode filter, VCA, distortion circuits, and smart interface, we can showcase the module's potential for sonic exploration and expressive performances.

To start, let's patch the ADVA 3U as an oscillator. With the V/OCT tracking feature, we can control pitch accurately, ensuring that the module behaves just like any other oscillators in our setup. We can dial in a rich waveform, such as a clean sine wave, by engaging the self-oscillation across all modes. This will give us a solid foundation for our sound.

Next, let's activate the post-distortion circuit. This aggressive distortion adds character and grit to our sound, perfect for achieving those dirty and hot tones associated with acid music. By adjusting the distortion parameters, we can vary the intensity and coloration of the sound, allowing for endless experimentation and creative possibilities.

Now, let's explore the filter modes. ADVA offers seven filter modes, each providing unique tonal characteristics and ranges. We can start with a gentle low-pass gate (LPG) mode, filtering our sound subtly and creating soft and organic textures. As we push the filter to its extremes, we can unlock the edgier side of ADVA, embracing the hot acid tones that will surely add intensity and energy to our performance.

To further enhance our sound, we can incorporate the white noise generator. By blending it with the input signal, we can add richness and emphasize cutoff movements, taking our sound to another level of complexity and depth. Additionally, we can utilize the white noise generator as an FM source, introducing a range of dirty and unpredictable tones that will captivate our audience.

With the smart interface and intuitive click knobs, we have full control over our sound. We can dynamically modulate the filter modes via CV, allowing for on-the-fly changes and evolving timbres. The RGB LED ring provides visual feedback, ensuring a seamless and engaging performance experience.

In conclusion, the ADVA 3U smart multimode filter is a powerhouse module that excels in both sound design and performance. Whether used as an oscillator or a percussive sound generator, its versatility and numerous features make it a must-have for any eurorack setup. With its ability to produce a wide variety of tones, from gentle and organic to dirty and explosive, the ADVA 3U is a true gem for electronic music enthusiasts seeking creative exploration.