1. Effortlessly Mix Your Tunes in Style with the Stereo Aluminium Eurorack Module

    The Stereo Aluminium Eurorack Module, also known as the Paratek MKC4, is a powerful stereo mixer unit with four stereo pairs or eight channels and paired attenuators. Its left inputs are normalled to the right input when nothing is inserted, and it comes in a sleek aluminium design. This module is perfect for effortlessly mixing your tunes with style and can be ordered directly through email with PayPal.

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  2. Dual Distrib: The Ultimate Eurorack Video Distribution Amplifier for High-Quality Signals

    The Dual Distrib is a two-channel video distribution amplifier designed specifically for the eurorack video modular format. It features three independent outputs for each input and is fully compatible with industry standard 75 ohm video signals. With fully isolated outputs, the Dual Distrib ensures maximum reliability and signal stability, making it the ultimate solution for high-quality video signal distribution. This 4HP module mounts conveniently in your rack, saving space and avoiding the need for an external plug-pack to power it.

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  3. Càrn: The Compact Signal Processing Powerhouse for Eurorack Enthusiasts

    Càrn is a versatile and compact signal processing module designed specifically for Eurorack enthusiasts. With its four distinct channels and individual outputs, this module offers a range of functionalities including a voltage-controlled panner, VCA, ring modulator, and signal crossfader. It can be used as a traditional end-of-chain mixer or seamlessly integrated with other stereo Instruō modules. Additionally, càrn features an optional stereo limiter for gentle signal softening or saturated drum bus distortion. Whether you need a feature-dense signal processor or a compact summing mixer, càrn is the perfect choice for any Eurorack setup.

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  4. Discover a New Dimension of Sound with Neuzeit Instruments Quasar: The Binaural 3D Audio Mixer for Eurorack

    Neuzeit Instruments Quasar is a two-channel audio mixer that brings 3D spatial audio to the Eurorack world. Using binaural algorithms, Quasar creates a 3D sound image with dynamic 3D positioning in height, angle, and distance. The audio signals can be flexibly routed to two positions named Quasar 1 and Quasar 2, which can be manually set or modulated by LFOs or external CVs. The module also has a room reverb feature and features two CV inputs that can be routed to any target inside the module. Quasar offers several Ear Types to choose from, providing adjustable 3D effects that fit the processed audio signal to personal needs. With its large aluminum knobs, LED rings, rubber potentiometers, and mechanically solid components, Quasar is a fun and creative tool to use.

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  5. Cockpit 1U: The Compact Stereo Mixer with Sidechain Ducking for Dynamic Eurorack Performances

    The Cockpit 1U from Endorphin.es is a compact stereo mixer designed for dynamic Eurorack performances. With 24 HP width and 4 channel stereo performance mixer, this module is perfect for adding dynamics to your mix. It also includes an onboard compressor with external sidechain control voltage option, and a stereo output for speakers or headphones with enough current to drive a wide range of headphones. The Cockpit 1U has increased headroom and improved sound quality. The LEDs are blue/red instead of red/green, which makes it Daltonic friendly. The module is available in 3U / 6HP format and channel 1 features a stereo jack, while channels 2/3/4 are now dual mono. Overall, the Cockpit 1U is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful and compact mixer for their Eurorack setup.

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  6. Ciao Black by Bastl Instruments: The Compact Eurorack Module for High Quality Line Outputs and Headphone Amplification

    The Bastl Instruments Ciao Black is a compact Eurorack module that provides high quality line outputs and headphone amplification for modular enthusiasts. With four line outputs (including two balanced outputs and one stereo output that can double as a second headphone output), this module is perfect for both recording and live performances. The headphone output can easily switch between the stereo channels, and a dedicated switch allows you to mix channel A and channel B. The Ciao Black also features an internal normalization that converts mono signals to stereo, and a line level clipping indication per channel.

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  7. Building Dynamic and Random Soundscapes with Matrix Mixing and Feedback

    This article explores the combination of five Eurorack modules to create dynamic and random soundscapes using matrix mixing and feedback. The Neutral Labs PIP provides dual clocked CV generation and recording, the Paratek РЗРВ Black 1u offers random core gating-interrupting capabilities, the Instruo Lion is a 6x6 matrix mixer with send and return insert abilities, the Nonlinearcircuits Clump is a 4x4 CV-controlled matrix mixer with 16 VCAs, and the Reverse Landfill Monotropa MK2 is a feedback distortion module with seven resonating frequency bands and feedback amount control. The article explains how to use these modules to create interesting and unpredictable soundscapes.

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  8. Boredbrain Music Mimix: A Versatile Dual Multiple & Unity Mixer for Eurorack Systems

    The Boredbrain Music Mimix is a versatile dual multiple and unity mixer module for eurorack systems. It features two buffered multiples with augmented fourth outputs, as well as a 4-input unity summing mixer. The module ensures no signal loss or interaction between copies and is perfect for copying voltages scaled to 1V/oct. The augmented copies allow for experimentation with inverted and rectified signals. The summing mixer combines all four inputs at unity gain, making it great for creating unique modulations or mixing audio signals. The Mimix is a powerful utility module that expands the creative possibilities of any eurorack system.

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  9. AGNI: The Multi-Functional Eurorack Module That Takes Signal Processing to the Next Level

    AGNI is a multi-functional Eurorack module that combines a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) with a wavefolder, distortion section, passive filter, and feedback block. It features a discrete VCA and a diode-based wavefolder, as well as a proprietary distortion control circuit. It also allows for modulation of one signal with another in the audio range. The module is available for order and comes with a PDF manual and technical specifications. A demo and tutorial are also available.

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