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  1. Exploring the Versatile Soundscapes of Happy Nerding's FX AID Pro Black Eurorack Module

    The Happy Nerding FX AID Pro Black Eurorack Module is a highly versatile sound effect tool that allows musicians to explore a wide range of soundscapes. It features an OLED screen that displays the current effect's number, name, and its three parameters. With 200 onboard effects that can be arranged in any order via an online editor, users can easily switch between effects or seek and activate options. It also has a stereo input level control and an advanced internal LFO that can be routed to the Sample Rate, parameters 1-3, or effect selection. The FX AID Pro Black also allows for manual control of the sample rate and has 10 user storable presets with handy indicator lines for each stored parameter. With a screensaver option and easy updates by playing a wav file, this module is perfect for musicians who want to explore new soundscapes and experiment with different effects.

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  2. Exploring the Magic of Tasty Chips ECR+ Convolution Reverb Eurorack Module

    The Tasty Chips ECR+ is an upgraded version of the original ECR-1 Eurorack module, providing superior audio and CV signal quality, vastly improved firmware, and a variety of modulation options beyond just reverb. It has two mini-jack inputs for stereo or dual-mono audio input, with the ability to choose from many different impulse responses on the included USB drive or load up your own favorite responses. The ECR+ is designed with independent knobs for Dry and Wet signals, allowing for full control over the mix, and equipped with 4 CV-inputs to modulate parameters such as position, fade, stereo width, and aux. The module also features a 1.5" OLED screen for displaying settings and an audtion feature to quickly evaluate responses.

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