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  1. Exploring Data Routing and Digital Chaos with Xaoc Devices' Poczdam Eurorack Module

    The Xaoc Devices Poczdam Eurorack module is a binary data routing solution designed for the Xaoc Leibniz subsystem. This module enables manual or remote switching between two Leibniz data sources, while modifying individual bits of the data stream and re-clocking the data with its onboard voltage-controlled wideband oscillator or any external clock signal. The Poczdam module is advantageous with complex Leibniz setups that require reconfiguring data flow between various modules and can also be utilized for waveform splicing, disrupting rhythmic loops, or generating digital chaos.

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  2. Experimental Soundscapes: A Guide to Creative Eurorack Patching

    The article "Experimental Soundscapes: A Guide to Creative Eurorack Patching" explores combining five different Eurorack modules: Xaoc Devices Poczdam, Noise Engineering Lacrima Versio, Noise Engineering Melotus Versio, Toppobrillo Multifilter 2, and Big T Music Beehive. Readers can learn about the unique capabilities of each module and how they can be creatively patched together to generate experimental soundscapes. The article also provides detailed information on ways to manipulate the audio signals by using various controls such as voltage-controlled gain, filter frequency, and modulation parameters.

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