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  1. Exploring the Versatile Capabilities of Kassutronics Slope: A Voltage-Controlled Slew Limiter and Modulation Source Eurorack Module

    The Kassutronics Slope is a versatile 8HP voltage-controlled slew limiter and modulation source module that offers far more functionality than its sleek design suggests. Inspired by the legendary Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator, the Slope allows for a broad range of modulation options, from simple slew limiting to complex ADSR envelope generation, via its gate input and sustain control. Additionally, the end-of-rise and end-of-cycle outputs enable voltage-controlled pulse timing functions, and the loop switch can turn the module into an oscillator capable of generating minute-long LFO cycles up to kHz range. The Slope's rise and fall sections also have independent shape controls that can vary between exponential growth, linear, and exponential decay. An excellent choice for creative modular setups.

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