Coven LFO: The Tiny Modulation Source That Packs a Witchy Punch

Modulation sources are a must-have in any eurorack system, as they help in creating complex and interesting soundscapes. The Coven LFO module is a tiny modulation source that packs a powerful punch and is a great addition to any setup. This compact module can deliver sync channels ranging from slow to audio rate, making it a versatile tool for any electronic musician.

One of the standout features of the Coven LFO is its capability to produce four bipolar CV outputs and selectable waveshapes, including triangle, saw, square, and stepped random voltages. This versatility allows you to create complex and interesting modulations that can truly enhance your sound. Additionally, the module features an FM input and a Sync input, making it suitable for use as a clock divider and rhythm section, adding even more creative potential to the module.

Users can select rhythmic divisions from the arhythmic default (3,7,11) to more traditional rhythmic divisions (2,4,8, and 4,8,16), allowing for even further manipulation of the modulation's rhythmic structure. The topmost output is the base frequency from which all others are divided and synced to.

The Coven LFO is available in both a DIY kit and a complete module. For those who enjoy a DIY project, the Coven LFO comes with just 60 components, making it easy to build and customize. Additionally, the firmware comes in Arduino format, allowing hackers and tinkerers to further modify the module.

Technically, the Coven LFO requires 35mA of current at +12V, and 10mA at -12V. It does not require 5V and has a depth of 42mm with a width of 4HP (20mm). The module output frequency has a maximum of 100Hz and a minimum of 69 minutes period while the sync frequency has a maximum of 1kHz and a minimum of 71 minutes period. The module also provides bipolar voltage ranging from -10V to +10V.

In conclusion, the Coven LFO module is a powerful tool for any electronic musician looking to add interesting and complex modulations to their system. With its customizable waveshapes, rhythmic divisions and sync capabilities, it is a versatile and creative tool for both experienced users and beginners alike. Whether you choose to purchase the complete module or build it yourself using the DIY kit, the Coven LFO module is an outstanding addition to any eurorack setup.

Example Usage

If you're new to modulation sources, the Coven LFO is a great place to start. With its small size and easy-to-build DIY kit, this module is perfect for beginners. Simply select your desired waveshape, adjust the frequency range, and use the four bipolar CV outputs to modulate different parameters of your other modules. You can use the Sync input to turn the Coven LFO into a clock divider and create intricate rhythmic patterns. With so many capabilities in such a small package, the Coven LFO is a versatile addition to any eurorack setup.

The Coven LFO is perfect for creating unpredictable and evolving soundscapes. Use the stepped random voltage waveshape to add a touch of chaos to your patch. Patch the FM input to modulate the frequency of the Coven LFO and create complex and dynamic modulation patterns. With the ability to self-patch, the possibilities are endless. Set the divisions to the arhythmic default (3,7,11) for a more experimental approach or switch to traditional rhythmic divisions (2,4,8, and 4,8,16) for more structured rhythms.

Further Thoughts

One great usage example of the Coven LFO is as a rhythmic division generator. By selecting the arhythmic default divisions of 3, 7, and 11, you can create complex and interesting rhythmic patterns that are sure to add a unique flavor to your grooves. Alternatively, switch to traditional divisions of 2, 4, 8, or 4, 8, and 16 for a more straightforward beat. Either way, the Coven LFO's base frequency output provides a solid foundation for syncing with the rest of your modular setup, making it a versatile and powerful tool for any musician.