Flame Voco Rder: The Analog Spectral Vocoder/Looper You Need in Your Eurorack Setup

The Flame Voco Rder is an analog spectral vocoder/looper that is a must-have addition to any eurorack setup. This compact 12HP module combines an 8-channel analog vocoder with a digital CV recorder to provide a wide range of synthesis and filtering capabilities. It features 16 analog bandpass filters for analysis and synthesis, with digitized envelopes output via the DA converter to analog VCAs of the synthesis tapes.

The module also has two audio inputs for analysis and synthesis, which allows you to manipulate sounds in multiple ways. The monophonic digital oscillator has three waveforms, while the analog noise generator is perfect for internal synthesis. Additionally, the module features a highpass filter and a freeze function.

The looper recorder allows you to record, start, stop, and adjust playback speed, as well as switch playback direction and choose different types of triggering such as loop, one-shot, and gated. You can record up to three minutes of audio, and the sampled loop is retained in the battery-backed memory even after switching off.

The Flame Voco Rder synthesizer filters can be manually regulated as simple audio filters with the filter/cutoff control. The analysis unit is ineffective during playback since the envelopes are played back from memory. The synthesis filters have audio outputs for odd/mono and even (mix of even/odd channels).

Overall, the Flame Voco Rder is a versatile and powerful module perfect for electronic music lovers and professionals. It is expected to be available by the end of May 2021 and is an excellent addition to any eurorack setup, providing a variety of synthesis, filtering, and recording capabilities.

Example Usage

If you're new to using a vocoder/looper module like the Flame Voco Rder, a simple way to get started is to use it as a regular vocoder. Connect an audio input, such as a microphone or synth, to the analysis input, and an audio output, such as a mixer or amplifier, to the synthesis output. Adjust the filter bands and cutoff control to customize the sound, and experiment with the unvoiced/voiced switch and mix controller to blend the synthesis sources. Have fun playing with your voice or instrument and hearing it transformed into a unique, electronic sound!

An intermediate-level usage example for the Flame Voco Rder in your eurorack setup could be to use it to create unique and dynamic vocal textures. Start by patching in your microphone to the analysis input and your desired instrument to the synthesis input. Set the channels and mix levels to your liking and experiment with the different playback options, like changing speed and direction, to manipulate the recorded loop of the analysis envelopes. Use the vocoder function to add even more depth to your vocal effects and adjust the filter/cutoff control to fine-tune the synthesis bands. With the Flame Voco Rder, the possibilities for creating innovative vocal sounds are endless.

Further Thoughts

One creative way to use the Flame Voco Rder module in your eurorack setup is to use it in combination with a drum machine, such as the Elektron Analog RYTM. By sending the drum machine's output into the audio input of the module, you can use the Voco Rder's vocoder function to process the drum sounds in real-time. The 8-channel analog vocoder with 16 analog bandpass filters allows for precise frequency analysis and manipulation, resulting in incredibly unique and expressive drum sounds. Additionally, the module's looper recorder function allows you to record and loop the processed drum sounds for further creative possibilities. Using the Flame Voco Rder with a drum machine is only one example of the module's diverse potential - it's a versatile tool for any eurorack setup looking to explore new sonic territories.