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  1. Creating Unique Soundscapes with a Custom Eurorack Setup

    This article explores the creation of unique soundscapes through custom Eurorack setups. It suggests combining Patching Panda Operat, Noise Engineering Quantus Ampla, Endorphin.es Cockpit 1U, Nonlinearcircuits Clump, and Guru Gara Synth 3340 VCO modules to enhance modulation configurations, VCA response, mixing and CV control options, dynamic sidechain compression, and different waveforms with hard and soft sync inputs. The article emphasizes the endless possibilities that a custom Eurorack setup can create for electronic music producers.

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  2. Crafting Unique Sounds with Modular Synths Envelope Generators

    The article 'Crafting Unique Sounds with Modular Synths Envelope Generators' explores the combination of five Eurorack modules, including the Jomox ModBase 09 MK II, the Guru Gara Synth 3340 VCO, the Fruku AXB 4:2 switch, the Endorphin.es Airstreamer 4, and the ALM Busy Circuits Pip Slope MK II. The article provides details about the features and capabilities of each module and offers insights into using envelope generators for creating unique and dynamic modular synth sounds.

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