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  1. Mixing Magic: The Ultimate Eurorack Patch with PPEXP2, uBurst, Gaeto Black, Grit, and Xer Dualis

    In this article, we explore the possibilities of creating the ultimate Eurorack patch by combining the PPEXP2, uBurst, Gaeto Black, Grit, and Xer Dualis modules. The PPEXP2 is an expander module for Pamela's PRO Workout that offers additional Din Sync & MIDI clock outputs. The uBurst is a variant on Mutable Instruments' Clouds granular module, packed into a compact 8hp size. The Gaeto Black is a versatile clocked logic module that can perform various functions like clock dividing, legato generation, trigger conversion, and more. Grit is a voltage-controlled analog filter with parallel saturation, adding character and harmonics to your sound. Lastly, the Xer Dualis is a four-channel stereo mixer with level controls and mutes, perfect for submixing or mixing elements in a portable case. By combining these modules, you can create a truly unique and powerful Eurorack patch that will take your music production to new heights.

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  2. Exploring the AtoVproject Gaeto Black: The New Clock Logic Module That Rewards Exploration.

    The AtoVproject Gaeto Black is a new type of clocked logic module that rewards exploration. This 6hp module can perform a variety of functions including clock division, legato generation, trigger to gate conversion, rhythm quantization, sub-octave generation with PWM, and generative trigger sequencing. The module stores a 1 if the input signal is over 1V and a 0 if not, and then outputs accordingly on the next clock pulse. The output can follow the pulse width of the clock or be maintained high until the next clock, which can be CV-controllable. Multiple Gaetos can be chained together to create shift register functions. The module is available in both assembled and DIY kit forms, with black or grey panels.

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