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  1. Tube-driven Chaos: Orobas meets Ctrl, Midi, UGrids, and Xer Mixa!

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining the Orobas dual tube amplifier with the Ctrl module, Midi Thru, UGrids, and Xer Mixa. The Orobas, with its unique routing capabilities and control voltage inputs, allows for the creation of a wide variety of sounds. The Ctrl module offers four independent stages for generating adjustable voltages, making it a versatile tool for controlling other modules. The Midi Thru module provides MIDI connectivity and multiple outputs, while UGrids, a micro version of Mutable Instruments Grids, adds rhythmic patterns and variations to the mix. Lastly, the Xer Mixa is a summing mixer with ten stereo-paired inputs, tactile controls, and a 100% analog signal path, perfectly complementing the other modules in this setup. By combining these modules, musicians can unleash tube-driven chaos and explore new sonic territories in their Eurorack builds.

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