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  1. Combining the Power of VCF-4, AD110, LL8 II, uGrids, and Nebulae V2.5V for Epic Eurorack Fun

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining the VCF-4, AD110, LL8 II, uGrids, and Nebulae V2.5V modules in a Eurorack system. The VCF-4 is a unique switched capacitor filter with flexible sound-scaling capabilities. It offers a range of filter modes and resonance control per filter. The AD110 module is a compact 6-voice analog drum module inspired by vintage Japanese machines, offering tone adjustments and individual outputs. The LL8 II is a tiny eight-track trigger sequencer with polymetric capabilities, allowing for the creation of longer rhythms and exciting performances. The uGrids is an 8HP version of the popular Mutable Instruments Grids, providing identical functionality in a smaller footprint. Finally, the Nebulae V2.5V is a granular sampler, looper, and DSP platform with extensive audio manipulation capabilities. It features a live input buffer, file playback, and supports alternate instrument files. Combining these modules in a Eurorack setup opens up endless possibilities for epic musical exploration.

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