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  1. Unleashing Creative Potential: A Guide to Eurorack Module Combinations

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining Eurorack modules to unleash your creative potential. We discuss four unique modules that can be combined in various ways to create diverse and innovative sounds.

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  2. Exploring the Power of Modbap Modular Trinity: A Digital Drum Synth Array in Eurorack

    In this article titled 'Exploring the Power of Modbap Modular Trinity: A Digital Drum Synth Array in Eurorack', the Eurorack module Trinity is discussed. This module acts as a 3 channel digital drum synth array that uses various types of synthesis to create unique drum designs beyond the traditional kick, snare, and hat. Trinity is also equipped with 7 knobs and 4 mini-pots that control specific parameters, CV input options per channel, and a unique output matrix for routing each drum channel's output to individual or mix output. Additionally, Trinity has a MIDI over USB connection for easy integration with a computer or groove-box. Overall, Trinity is a powerful drum module with a range of features suitable for creating unique and dynamic drum beats.

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  3. Adding Color and Texture to Your Eurorack Sound with the Modbap Modular HUE Audio Processor Module

    The Modbap Modular HUE Eurorack module is a 6hp audio colour processor with a chain of four effects (Drive, Filter, Tape Saturation, LoFi) and a Compressor. HUE is designed to bring the big, bold, textural sound of classic drum machines and LoFi boombap production into the Eurorack format. This module is great for adding colour and texture to both drums and melodic content, and can serve as the final glue in the signal path. With CV inputs for Drive, Filter, Tape Saturation, and LoFi, HUE offers loads of creative modulation possibilities.

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