Exploring the Twisted Brother of Compressors: Introducing the Cosmotronic Peradam Eurorack Module

The Cosmotronic Peradam Eurorack module is a piece of gear for those who crave unique analog distortion. This module comes equipped with an internal sidechain, making it the twisted brother of your average compressor. The input signal is separated into a main signal that goes into a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) and a sidechain. The sidechain is first phase modulated and then ring modulated by itself, creating a signal at twice the frequency of the original. This signal then modulates the amplitude of the VCA, inducing complex self-distortion sounds in the main signal.

But that's not all – the Cosmotronic Peradam goes even further. After the self-distorted output goes through the VCA, it proceeds down a dual-band drive circuit, reminiscent of the one in Cosmix, before entering a soft clipper output stage. Once you begin to place some of this output back into the input, the module produces rich feedback tones that get even wilder as you increase the level of feedback. The module even goes into self-oscillation at high feedback levels, generating all sorts of crazy sounds. Modulating all of these parameters provides a wide range of distortion sounds, ranging from subtle saturation to complete destruction.

If you require a bit more drive in your signal's input, the Cosmotronic Peradam has a +6dB gain switch. Mixing in the distortion to your taste is easy, thanks to a useful blend slider. Overall, the Cosmotronic Peradam Eurorack module offers a broad spectrum of distortion effects, making it a unique and valuable addition to any modular setup. The module is available for pre-orders now at an MSRP of €270, and it is estimated to ship in January 2022.

Example Usage

As a novice, you can start by patching the Cosmotronic Peradam Eurorack Module into your system and simply experimenting with its drive and blend controls to apply a range of distortion levels to your incoming audio signal. Try adjusting the feedback levels and the +6dB gain switch to create a unique, distorted sound that suits your desired style. Use the blend knob to adjust the mix of the dry and distorted signals, and explore the self-oscillation feature to create wild and unexpected sonic textures. With practice, you can unleash the full potential of this twisted brother of compressors.

One great way to use the Cosmotronic Peradam is as a creative sound shaping tool for drums. By routing your drum machine or sampler through the module and adjusting the blend slider and gain switch, you can add just the right amount of distortion to give your drums a gritty edge without compromising their punch and impact. Experiment with adjusting the side-chain and feedback settings to create unique and unpredictable textures that will really make your beats stand out. Whether you're producing techno, experimental, or any genre in between, the Cosmotronic Peradam is a versatile distortion module that can take your sound to the next level.

Further Thoughts

The Cosmotronic Peradam Eurorack module is a great way to create complex and twisted distortions in your signal chain. One way to utilize this unique module is to use it as a send/return effect, blending in the distorted signal with the original audio. By using the sidechain input to trigger the distortion, you can create dynamic and responsive effects that will add some grit and character to your tracks. Experiment with different types of modulation, such as LFOs and envelopes, to further shape the sound. With its dual-band drive circuit and soft clipper output stage, the Peradam can produce subtle saturation to massive clipping and complete destruction. The possibilities are endless, making the Cosmotronic Peradam a must-have for any distortion modules enthusiast.