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  1. Exploring the AI Synthesis AI022 Harmonic Mixer: Adding Warmth and Distortion to your Sound

    The AI Synthesis AI022 Harmonic Mixer is a CP3-style discreet mixer that can add warmth, harmonic richness, and distortion to your sound as you increase the gain. In our latest article on mixer modules, we explore the features and capabilities of this module and how it can enhance your modular setup.

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  2. AI017 Low Pass Gate: Bringing Classic Buchla 200 Series Sound to Your Eurorack Setup

    The AI017 Low Pass Gate is a versatile Eurorack module that delivers the classic Buchla 200 Series sound to your setup. This vactrol-based module can function as a voltage controlled filter, voltage controlled amplifier, or both. The addition of a tunable resonance circuit and depth control provides users with classic "ringing" and "bongo" effects, which can be easily attenuated to achieve a modern low pass gate sound. The module also features a rear trimmer for resonance tuning. Overall, the AI017 Low Pass Gate is an excellent addition for anyone looking to incorporate classic Buchla sounds into their eurorack setup.

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