Exploring the Behringer FOUR PLAY: A Quad VCA and Mixer Module for Eurorack

The Behringer FOUR PLAY is a versatile and compact Eurorack module that offers an incredible degree of flexibility in sound creation. This module features four independent voltage-controlled amplifiers or VCAs that can be used either individually or collectively as a 4-channel voltage-controlled mixer.

One of the most significant advantages of this module is its compact size, which makes it an excellent addition to any modular synth setup. Another advantage is its affordability, which makes it an ideal choice for those who are just starting to build their modular synth systems.

The Behringer FOUR PLAY is an unlicensed clone of the highly-regarded Intellijel Quad VCA. However, the FOUR PLAY offers some interesting features that set it apart from its more expensive counterpart. For example, each VCA channel has a modulation input that can be used to control parameters such as amplitude or frequency.

Additionally, the FOUR PLAY also includes a master level control on each channel, which allows for precise level adjustments. This feature is particularly useful when the module is being used as a mixer, as it allows for precise control over the volume of each input channel.

Overall, the Behringer FOUR PLAY is a versatile and affordable Eurorack module that offers a lot of possibilities for sound creation. Its combination of flexible routing options, compact size, and affordable price make it an excellent choice for those who are just starting to explore the world of modular synthesis.

Example Usage

If you're just starting out with modular synths and want to try your hand at voltage controlled amplifiers and mixers, the Behringer FOUR PLAY is a great module to start with. Connect an oscillator signal to the input of one of the VCAs and adjust the level with the corresponding knob. You can also use the module as a 4-channel mixer by patching your audio sources into the individual inputs and adjusting their levels with the same knobs. With the Behringer FOUR PLAY, you can experiment with sound manipulation and blending in a simple and intuitive way.

An intermediate usage scenario for the Behringer FOUR PLAY could be to use it as a submixer for drums in a live performance setup. Connect each drum module output to one of the FOUR PLAY's VCA inputs, with each VCA controlling the volume of each drum. Use the FOUR PLAY's mixer output to send the mixed drums to a larger mixer or audio interface. This allows for individual drum level control and easy adjustments during performances without having to adjust individual volume knobs on each drum module.

Further Thoughts

One way to use the Behringer FOUR PLAY is to patch four different sound sources into each of the VCA inputs and then use the individual CV inputs to control the volume of each source. For example, you could patch in a kick drum, snare, hi-hat, and clap from different drum modules and then use an LFO to modulate the CV inputs for a dynamic and evolving drum sequence. Additionally, the MIX output can be used to combine all four sound sources and create a complex and layered drum pattern. The FOUR PLAY's compact size and affordable price point make it a great addition to any eurorack setup.