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  1. Exploring the MachineRoom 204D Dual VCF: A True Analog Filter with Sine Wave Oscillator Capabilities

    The MachineRoom 204D Dual VCF is an analog dual voltage controlled low-pass filter with a cut-off slope of -24 dB/octave as in various Moog synthesizers. It has separate controls for both sections and 4 CV inputs for cutoff modulation, making it versatile for both mono and stereo operations. The module also has an adjustable resonance all the way up to self-oscillation, allowing it to behave like a sine wave oscillator with V/Oct tracking up to 4 octaves. Its skiff-friendly design makes it a great addition to any Eurorack system.

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  2. Embrace the Classic Sound: Exploring the AM1631 Dual Ring Modulator - A Recreation of the Legendary Moog Dual Ring Modulator

    The AM1631 Dual Ring Modulator is a faithful recreation of the Moog Dual Ring Modulator that delivers a superb sound with ringing bell tones across a wide frequency spectrum. The module uses a pair of UA796 modulation IC's, and LM301A Op Amps, both in "can" format, and just like the original. It has six front panel jack sockets for the audio inputs and outputs of each ring modulator. Designed to complement the Behringer System 55 Modular System, the AM1631 comes with a 10-pin power cable and a set of black M3 screws and washers.

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