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  1. Exploring Dynamic Soundscapes: Unlocking the Potential of the Jolin Ascolta Eurorack Module

    Unlock the potential of the Jolin Ascolta Eurorack module, a dual high-fidelity preamp with envelope follower and peak detector outputs. Amplify stereo line level signals, extract envelopes and peak detector CV, side-chain and compress, and integrate with various sources. Customize its behavior and enjoy high-quality amplification and audio-grade potentiometers. Check out demos and build documentation at jolin.tech/ascolta. (160 characters)

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  2. Xer Mixa: The Ultimate Summing Mixer for Unleashing Your Eurorack's Sonic Potential

    Unleash your Eurorack's sonic potential with Xer Mixa, a powerful summing mixer offering 10 stereo-paired inputs, 3 output busses, tactile controls, analog signal path, high headroom, and built-in leveling amplifier. Its digital control interface enables state save and recall, precise editing, and MIDI integration. Compact and versatile, Xer Mixa can be expanded with the Expando Expandi module for CV control. With customizable orientation and a sleek design, Xer Mixa is the ultimate choice for a tactile and expressive mixing experience. Available as a bundle for added convenience and savings.

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  3. Get Creative with Winterbloom's Big Honking Button: A Eurorack Sampler with a Sense of Humor

    The Winterbloom Big Honking Button is a fun and quirky Eurorack sampler module that lives up to its name - it's a big button that honks. But don't let the humor fool you, this module is a powerful sampler that can be easily connected to your computer via USB and customized to your heart's content using CircuitPython. This article highlights the module's unique features and encourages readers to get creative with their sampling using the Big Honking Button.

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