1. Syncing Waves and Mangling Sounds: Exploring Carn, Maestro, Deva, LXR, and Loopman in Eurorack

    Explore the exciting possibilities of combining the Instruo Carn, Acid Rain Technology Maestro, XAOC Devices Deva, Erica Synths LXR, and Error Instruments Loopman modules in your Eurorack setup. The Instruo Carn is a versatile utility mixer with various signal processing functions, including panning, VCA, ring modulation, and a signal crossfader. The Acid Rain Technology Maestro is a clocked modulation controller that allows you to push and pull parameters in perfect sync with your system, offering looping/one-shot waveforms, internal or external clocking, and recallable save and load slots. The XAOC Devices Deva is an expander for the Timiszoara multi-fx module, providing additional feedback loops, DAC clock control, and CV control options for creative signal processing. The Erica Synths LXR is a percussion synthesizer that offers assignable CV control, trigger inputs with accents, and various adjustable parameters per voice, making it an excellent choice for drum and basslines in your Eurorack system. Finally, the Error Instruments Loopman is an experimental cassette tape recorder that adds a lo-fi quality to your sound, with the ability to record sounds on cassette tape, control tape speed with CV, and even includes a built-in AM/FM radio for added experimentation. Together, these modules offer a world of possibilities for syncing waves, mangling sounds, and creating unique textures in your Eurorack setup.

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  2. Exploring the SoundForce Chorus 6: A Comprehensive Guide to the Juno-Style BBD Chorus Module

    The SoundForce Chorus 6 is a 16HP Juno-style BBD chorus module with CV inputs, offering classic Juno I, II, and I+II modes, as well as manual and external modes. It utilizes Xvive MN3009 BBD chips and features pre and post BBD filters to minimize artifacts. The module incorporates a modern STM32 micro-controller for BBD driver signals and has a digital-style interface with tactile switches and LEDs. It offers comprehensive control over parameters such as time, rate, depth, mix, LFO wave, and frequency range in manual mode. Additionally, it can accept both mono and stereo input signals and supports both Eurorack and Line levels.

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  3. Exploring Thresholds: The QU - A Phaser and Sound Mangler Eurorack Module

    Explore the QU, a 10HP phaser and sound mangler inspired by the Doppelganger phaser pedal from the 90’s and Turkish sci-fi writer CM Kosemen. It features dual outputs (clean and distorted), two CV inputs, switches for vibrato effects and QU mode, and three pots for feedback and mix control. The QU module creates unique and evolving sounds, pushing the boundaries of sound manipulation. Discover the exciting possibilities of this module and unleash your creativity.

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  4. Unleashing Creativity with the Djupviks Elektronik DE-13 Star Maker: A Powerful Stereo Panning Mixer for Eurorack

    Unleash your creativity with the Djupviks Elektronik DE-13 Star Maker, a powerful stereo panning mixer for Eurorack. This 4-input module features a clock input, audio (clock) input, gate output, and allows for CV control. With adjustable active steps and audio clock division, the DE-13 Star Maker offers versatility and unique rhythmic possibilities. Get ready to explore dynamic stereo panning and create captivating soundscapes in your modular setup.

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  5. Unleash the Power of 80s Nostalgia with the Dreadbox Hypnosis: An Analog Effects Processor with 3 Effects

    Unleash 80s nostalgia with the Dreadbox Hypnosis: an analog effects processor with warm BBD chorus-flanger, hybrid delay, real spring reverb, wide range LFOs, and 11 patch points.

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  6. Polyphonic Bliss: Oxi Coral, Grit Filter, Basil Delay, and uBurst Clouds

    In this article, we explore the combination of four Eurorack modules to create a polyphonic bliss in your modular setup. We start with the Oxi Coral, a polyphonic multi-engine synth voice with sample playback, reverb, and chorus. Next, we have the British Noise Electronics Grit, a voltage-controlled analog filter with parallel saturation, adding extra harmonics and character to your sound. The Cwejman MMF-2, a stereo multi-mode filter, comes next, offering a variety of modifications and reshaping options for your sound material. Lastly, we have the Bastl Instruments Basil, a flexible stereo space delay module that offers clean and lo-fi flavors, as well as a variety of time-based effects. To complete the setup, we have the CalSynth uBurst, a variant on Mutable Instruments' Clouds granular module, offering the same sounds and functions in a reduced 8hp size. These modules together create a powerful and versatile polyphonic setup, perfect for creating pads, basslines, riffs, and drums.

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  7. Unleashing Creative Mixing: Exploring the Versatility of the Worng Electronics SoundStage II Eurorack Module

    Unleashing Creative Mixing: Explore the versatility of the Worng Electronics SoundStage II Eurorack Module, a stereo mixer that revolutionizes patch-based mixing in Eurorack systems with its unique placement of inputs in the stereo field and frequency spectrum, featuring carefully tuned analogue filters, dedicated controls for filtering and output levels, bipolar CV inputs for sidechain compression and rhythmic filtering, improved depth control circuit, fully filtered FX send and return, enhanced low end response, improved power consumption, and a log VCA on the output for optimal compression and expansion.

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  8. ADVA 3U: Unleash the Versatility of a Smart Multimode Filter

    The ADVA 3U is a versatile Eurorack module with a fat-sounding analog multimode filter, 7 filter modes, phase keeper, self-oscillation, and two distortion circuits, all in a compact package. It also features a smart interface with CV modulation options and a visual feedback RGB LED ring.

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  9. ADVA 3U: The Versatile Beast of Analog Multimode Filters

    ADVA 3U is a versatile analog multimode filter that includes a VCA, white noise generator, pre and post-distortions, and a smart interface. With 7 filter modes, it provides a wide variety of tones from gentle filtering to hot acid tones. It never inverts the input's phase and offers self-oscillation for all modes. ADVA can be used as an oscillator or sound generator, and features a resonance loudness compensation circuit. The internal white noise generator adds richness to the sound, and two separate distortion circuits provide soft-clipping overdrive and aggressive post-distortion. The smart routing system allows for CV modulation of filter modes, and the interface includes intuitive click knobs and an RGB LED ring for visual feedback.

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